Which brand doesn't give blisters?

I am a "running to stay in shape" kind of runner. I run about 8-15 miles per week. Since I started running II have had a problem with blisters--always in the same location. They form on the back of the ball of my foot on the inner side of both feet. Not quite far enough back to be considered on my arch.

I've worn two different pairs of Nike and two different kinds of New Balance and both shoes do the exact same thing. I try to tie my shoes tight enough that the shoes don't rub, but that doesn't work.

The only fixes I've been able find to wrap Coban tape around the arch-area of my foot or to wear socks that have compression in the arch area. But a lot of times that isn't enough, especially for longer runs.

 I'm assuming I need a different shape or brand of shoe. I just don't know what to look for. 

Does anyone have ideas of why I'm having this problem and are there any tips on brands, shape, fit, style, etc? 


  • Sara, have you been to a decent running shop? they should help. I used to get blisters but since I started wearing 1,000 mile Fusion socks I've had no issues and when they are in the wash (just got 2 pairs) I always get a callous like thing on my second toe. They are expensive but doubt I'll buy anything else now.

  • Tying the shoes too tight may be actually causing the blisters by pulling the middle of the shoe in to your foot and rubbing, try lossening the laces of a bit and get proper running socks as said.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    If your shoes contain motion-control features you're not used to, that is likely to cause blisters in about the area you describe. This is only at first - your feet get used to the shoes in the end.

    Be sure to be wearing technical (wicking) socks.

    If I could find an offroad shoe that doesn't give blisters, I'd buy 10 pairs.  Or perhaps 20 pairs.

  • Perhaps edge towards a more minimalist shoe? Thats what i've done and run 56 miles on Saturday without a single blister. Plus buy some Injinji socks image Best invention ever

  • You can try experimenting with socks.

    Sounds daft but i wear thick socks, when i tried on thin expensive hilly socks. They were the only time i've ever got a blister not tried them since image some peope wear two thin pairs of socks, all sorts of combinations. Experiment a bit, and see if that can help.

  • Agree with trying different socks.  Wore an expensive pair of special marathon socks for VLM this year and got a massive blister, so on my next marathon I wore an old pair of comfy cotton running socks I've had for a few years - no blister.  Cotton is good if the blister is caused by having sweaty feet.

  • Feet must be very fickle things, as my experience is almost opposite Marathon Mum's!

    I was getting blisters each time I ran more than about 4 miles in cotton, switching to 'proper' running socks cured the problem overnight.

    Hope you find a combination that works for you soon.

  • People swear by using sudocrem on their feet

  • Im lookign for some cheap ones that dont give blisters anyone know? image

  • Marko

    have you read the thread.. It's not an individual brand it's down to you and how they fit your foot. You just need to experiment. Ie buy a pair n hopeimage sweatshop do a exchange program for a couple of weeks I think? Check in one of their shops. 

  • I would recommend using Mizuno as they offer slightly more space in the toe box and have helped me with blisters. A quality pair of running socks that have blister pads arounds the front of the foot will also help.


  • Amazingly this is Jimmy's only post ... Looks like a sales advert to me.
  • Have you been and had your shoes properly fitted by someone who knows what they are doing?

    Not running, but I have a mate who used to work for Cotswold, and he reckons that every single case of people getting blisters from walking that he came across was a case of incorrectly fitting boots.

  • Experiment. Socks are often not taken too seriously. After all spending £10-20 (or even more) for a pair of socks - people would think you are mad?

    I've tried X-Socks, Hilly, Drymax and many cheaper ones. The cheaper ones ended up in the bin. My preference are X-Socks - they are 'handed'. Never had a blister with any of the three brands mentions, I just prefer X-Socks. But the model I buy is around £14 a pair - but for my feet, worth every penny.

    Some brands claims to be 'developed for running' socks, but are not.

    As other have said, experiment, but it moght cost you a few ££ before you find 'your' sock. 

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