Hi, does anyone know how hilly this marathon really is ? The description says undulating but the profile on the website looks like extreme hills!! Just looking for guidance to help my training as I've never been to this area, thanks.


  • Yup I'm asking same question! I can't see the profile if the whole thing in the website but first few miles look a bit scary !
  • I know the area quite well and don't think of it as extremely hilly, possibly more gentle ups and downs, but you know how hills can creep up where you least expect them! Am hoping the scenery will make up for it!!!

  • Thanks Runfree 2, that's encouraging. Lets hope the weather is good !

    Does anyone know when we are due to get our race packs with final details etc?
  • No idea. I emailed the organiser to ask that, but they didn't answer! Anyone else know???

  • Hi, has anyone had their race details for the yet?
  • Hi Guys, I sent an email to the general run nation email address on 1st Oct and received nothing back, I have emailed Richard at run nation today and will see if I get any response. Bit strange that there is no registration details on the web page.... Anyone have any idea if it will be a well attended event?

  • Hi, entered this event as an end of year marathon. Like others on this forum, a bit concerned about lack of contact from organisers of event. Apart from a confirmatory email, have heard nothing, and no reply to emails I have sent. I live in South of Scotland so need to book accommodation etc, but don't really want to waste money on hotel as well if event not happening...... come on organisers, tell us something!

  •  I am going to give the number on the website a call on Monday. I am travelling down from Edinburgh. I will update if I find out anything.

  • Thanks Nell Blue. Look forward to hearing how you get on . I've also emailed several times but no response!! I've also tweeted their Twitter account a couple of times asking for details but still no response. Keen to know like everyone else so I can book accommodation etc
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    haha, sorry I have to laugh.  Unfortunately the organisers of this event are renowned for not getting back to people!  I have entered but won't be doing it.  It fell off my radar after doing a 20 mile training run on the course back in February that threw up concerns for me.

    I wouldn't say the course is very hilly.  Starts off undulating but there are some long flat stretches in the middle.  There is a big hill towards the end.  My advice to anyone doing it is definitely don't set off to fast.  The last four miles will be the hardest and you need to save something for that.   I live locally so let me know if you need any advice on accommodation etc.

  • I was on holliday in the area recently and drove a bit of the course - a few inclines but nothing particularly steep.

    My bigger concern would be safety - I drove round quite a few blind corners, and the roads are quite narrow in places so I would be a bit worried about cars not being able to see the runners round those corners. So take care folks!

    I have a place but like Minni am not running unfortunately - I just haven't been able to put the proper training in for it.
  • Hi, I've just had an email from the organisers confirming all the details will be with us by Friday of the week.
  • Hi All/ingy


    Yes I have received feedback also.


    Thank you for your entry to the Castles Marathon and Half Marathon which is taking place on 27th October.


    We will have the final arrangements ready to send out by Friday of this week.


    This will include:


    Parking arrangements for Alnwick and Bamburgh Collection of numbers on the day Getting to the Start First Aid on route Water stations on route (every 5km) Marshaling points for your information/support Bus Information for those who booked a buses to start and from finish


    If you require accommodation please visit


    We look forward to seeing you on 27th October.

  • Hi Minni/ Freemers


    Thanks for the info, I'll go with Freemers it sounds more positive image

  • Thanks for all that, guys! I haven't received an email yet, so trying not to panic. But have booked accommodation, so will definitely be there!!!

  • I got a similar email last week which confirmed that they won't be sending race packs out but will be getting everyone to pick up on the day. More info was supposed to be on the website but I've not seen anything else go on there recently.

    I've ran a few races with these guys and although they're always in beautiful surroundings, they're often a bit chaotic in the organisation

  • I live in Alnwick and regularly cycle the route up to Bamburgh, it's undulating but nothing too bad, the run back out of Bamburgh (Lucker Road) is a long steady climb and then Budle Bay bank (24ish miles) is a fairly steep half mile but there shouldn't be anything to put people off, I personally wouldn't run in a group on these roads but the local running club heads out that way quite frequently and now that the tourists have headed back down south the roads are a lot quieter.

    CAn't commet on the organisation though but it doesn't sound great

  • Thanks for the advise Beerswiller...

  • Am really looking forward to the race now the time is near! Will see those of you that are doing it on Sunday - or out eating pasta on Saturday!

  • If the weather is as bad as the forecast I've just seen, I wonder if any races will go ahead this weekend. Gale force winds and torrential rain across the country!

  • BBC weather for Bamburgh looks ok, fingers crossed!
  • Looks like a strong south westerly least it won't be in your faces! Have a good run everyone....let us know what it's like as I'd still be considering it for next year potentially.
  • Gosh, what a good event (apart from those blasted hills near the end). Thought organisation was first class, and marshals all encouraging. Realise Run Nation has been seen as a bit "chaotic" in past at other events so full credit to them. Will bring more Galloway Harriers across next year .....

    Very friendly event too. 

  • Hi David, Yes totally agree great event, apart from that last few miles, designed by someone with a cruel dense of humour ....they hurt! Got a PB best from today which was astonishing really. It had to be a cold bath when I got back to Edinburgh!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I read your time elsewhere Nell Blue. That's excellent. Well done.  You must have finished well up?  

  • Very impressed although I did see more signs for drinks than actual drink stations. Excellent work by the marshals especially at those tricky right turns. Slower time than I had hoped for but my right leg went wobbly at 19 miles but pleased to pick it up again. Seeing Bamburgh Castle really helped, what a magnificent setting to finish a race!

  • It was a good event - hard, hilly course, especially the last few miles.  That left hand turning at 21 miles taking you away from bamburgh was a bit mean.  I did feel a bit exposed to the rather impatient drivers though on some of the roads.  Beautiful finish in front of the castle made up for it.

  • Hi Minni, thanks. Yes I think I may have been joint 5th with the buddy I met up with on mile 15, that info was from my son who asked one of the marshalls, I will see. The buddy I met up with, we had been running more or less by each other for a few miles before that I think, and then just hooked up together. we got each other through those hills which at points felt brutal especially the one at mile 25!

    Yes, I am happy with the time, very happy. Although my pal who is a sub 3 runner announced that he is going to pace me for sub 3:10 at Edinburgh next year....gulp!

    Great team on the run though and all cheery and supportive, thumbs up!

  • Results a bit slow. Before the bus left for the journey back to Newcastle, we were told they'd be up Sunday evening. Just a bit curious about how many ran and my position.

  • The half times are up now

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