Hotel for IM Zurich

Suggestions please.

Can you get decent and walking distance to race start/expo (priority in that order!) without breaking the bank.

e.g. in Vichy, the IBIS was 3km from race start and cost about £60quid a night. They did a decent breakfast and the rooms were big enough to put your bike in. 


  • Expo is next door to the start/finish.  There's the youth hostel within a five minute walk where a bunch of us stayed in 2009.  Early morning breakfast (nothing too flash as I remember) and the bar stays open all night if your sherpas/spectators fancy a night on the lash before the event.

  • We did the Crowne Plaza which wasn't too bad once you've split it between two. It's a good tram ride away though and we took a taxi race morning. The big bonus was they had a huge garage specifically for the bikes, locked away secure. You could build the bikes in there and even ride them round (it was a decent sized car park!) and then security would lock up when you were done. Excellent service image

  • Youth hostel was brilliant. Much better than I'd have expected one to be. That's where I'd stay again and close to the race village.
  • This year I stoped at the camp site which is in a great location, on the bike course  about 1k from the start finish and about the same from Heartbreak hill

  • Thanks everyone. good info

  • We stayed at the Hotel Ascot which is more expensive but opposite the train station (yet quiet) and about 10 minute walk from race start/finish.  It's also close to the centre so various restaurants to choose from plus a MacDonalds opposite!

    We booked this via as it was much cheaper than going through the hotel directly.  It came in around £100.00 per night. 

  • This year I stayed at Fischer Fritz campsite, which was great, I think it may have been same one as WildWill mentions above.

    My parents stayed at Hotel Ascot, a bit pricey, but Zurich is very expensive image, so not too bad for there and nice and central.

    The buses and trams are great for getting around image

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