bald heads and rubber hats ?

So, as a uber geek, ive added a wetronome to my swimming 'cuase a-I can and b-swim smooth promotes it c- im a fool without money now

two problems :

being follically challenged I tend to the full stubble removal on the old bonce rather than an einsteinesk comb over.  this leae the noggin a little to polished for a rubber hat - what are the options here ?

whats the sodding point of a beepy thing that doenst match my pace without screwing up my form ?  anyone use a wetronome - care to share ?

alternatively, pace clocks - how to use the big round thing with the arms instead of the battery powered nonsense thats getting in the way of my intervals

many thanks in advance



  • if you are pool swimming, you really do not need a swimcap.

    yes for open water as it's a safety aid so you can be seen, but this isn't needed in a pool as a) you aren't far from the walls, and b) a lifeguard is on duty

  • I have used a Finis Tempo Trainer to get my stroke rate up and it attached to the goggle strap.  I think the wetronome does likewise?  I never wear a cap unless in open water.

    Pace clocks are really easy when you get used to them if you are doing sets.  Generally go off on red or black top as suits and if you are doing 100m intervals on 2 minutes for example swim 4 lengths and wait until it gets to the top and set off again.  If going on 2 min 10 secs just let the big arm move on 10 secs each interval.  Couldn't really be easier when you know approximately your time per 100m.  

  • mmmm

    finish tempo trainer pro - under a swim hat, hence a swim hat BUT  it had a clip thingy, so dump the hat and clip it. sounds like a plan

    i know my pace ( which isnt fast ) but i may just try giving the the black arm once around and a bit per 50 a try....

    many thanks for prompt replies

  • I like using the beepy thing but i've kind of stopped recently. the main point is obviously for messing with your stroke rate. It gets you thinking about stroke rhythm. Its good to practice swimming at a broad range of stroke rates because you will probably identify weaknesses in your stroke at slower or faster rates. eg legs sinking / not enough or too much rotation / scissor kicks if you're off balance. Fixing these problems will speed you up at your normal stroke rate.. if that makes sense... the main thing i use it for is pacing a time trial. Instead of beeping every second for stroke rate i'll have it set to beep every say 22s to pace myself per length or per 100m.

  • I haven't swum in pool for years, but I did used to wonder what that pointless stupid clock was for!


  • Also assumes you can see far ewnough to read the damn thing...

  • I have long been of the opinion that anyone wishing to perform on stage or tv should by Equity rules have a jumbo press stud surgically implanted into the top of their heads in order to ensure hats and headdresses stay on. I would extend this to shoulders and the back of the neck ( for cloaks). With there being an imbalance in the numbers desperate to act and the actual acting jobs available this would also weed out the more squeamish and reduce attendees at auditions.

    so perhaps Sgt Lard perhaps this would be the solution for you. Or the less drastic option of Velcro sticky spots.

  • Delete the extra perhaps 

  • I find the two clocks in the pool really useful - when they both tell the exact same time. Currently they are a few seconds out which makes them neigh on useless. 

  • there right, twice a day

  • Why are 2 clocks useful?
  • Because I can then see a clock whatever end of the pool I am at. That said I am sure I could get by with one - and to be honest one clock would probably be better than two that tell different times.

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