Been on holiday - so. what have I missed..?

Apart from yet more spam for eventclips? image


  • Thought it was quiet xx


  • Don't they have internet in Skegness?

  • There was also a load of spam for genuine fake passports image

  • Loads of people got their VLM acceptance mags.

  • Nothing's changed then? Jolly good image

  • DF3.

    gone again.

  • Gone? Did he come back then? I've only seen a few posts of his since the thread deletion fiasco.


  • Hi is about, just under a different name and not being quite so outspoken.
  • I know what his latest username is, just haven't seen much of him - I guess it's more fun on Mumsnet image

  • Ive been a bit busy with work  im afraid. only just getting back into running after the worse hayfever season ive ever had ( maybe it was just me) but ive got a half this sunday where i will be very lucky to do 2 hours so no more 1.45 boasts from me (well at least till xmas)

  • Blimey, it's like looking in the mirror and saying "Candyman" three times! imageimage

    Good luck with the half image

  • Hi Mr A, are you still planning to work on your 5k time too? We were all enjoying that until you got booted off last time. Mine is still rubbish because I haven't done one since April.

  • Literatin. Yep he is working hard on it!image
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