Nike SDM off road use

I love gadgets and the SDM sounds like something to have a go with. I have a concern as to whether or not it works well or even at all off road. Most of the running I do is off road and at times can be through deep mud, ploughed fields and often in the rain. Has anyone any experience of one of these monitors in such conditions?


  • Try a Timex Speed and Distance then you won't have to worry!
  • Hi Trail Runner,

    I've had an SDM for about a year now. I'd have concerns about whether or not the footpod would hold up under the conditions you mention. It's certainly puddle and (heavy!) rain proof but I don't know about it being completely submerged for any length of time.

    ... Just had a look in the instruction booklet that comes with it (what, read the manual?! ;-) and it describes the footpod as "splash resistant".

    If you do mainly or exclusively off-road-in-the-mud running, I think you'd probably get better use out of the Timex. It uses a GPS unit that you can strap to your arm out of the way of the wet.


  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    The only two occasions I used my SDM in heavy rain on muddy tracks with puddles, it went crazy. It started telling me I was running at 20 miles an hour, and then shut down completely. Once it had dried out again it was fine - but that's not much use if you do a lot of mud running.

    In any event I would recommend the Timex GPS over the SDM. It is more accurate, doesn't need calibration, and the only downside is the occasional signal loss.
  • Guy, Can the Timex GPS be used as a GPS as well. What I am trying to say is can it tell you your position? I am looking to get a gps unit for Orienteering.
  • TR - No you can't use Timex for that. It just measures distance between points and calculates speed from that to give you speed, distance and pace data.
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