Dreadful 2 hour 5 minute run. Crashed and burned. But after necking a whole massive carton of tesco shit brand chocolate milk: the world is as rosey as rosey can be.

Thought I'd share. 


  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    These park runs can be tougher than people think image

  • Lol it is good stuff though.


  • I just had some. That I had to flag down a passing man to get down off a high shelf for me in Sainsbury's. Grr.

  • Has to be Frijj though - anything else is cack.

    Found a brand called "TruMoo" in the US -  cack image 

  • Taxi Driver wrote (see)

    These park runs can be tougher than people think image

    Haha. You're not far off the mark there........

     Mr p - it does the trick. I'm on the second carton....

    Literatin - grr. Thought you'd be the type to climb up?! 

    Scream - that stuff is hardcore. Like chocolatey tar. 

  • kaffeeg - good point. That was plan B, but felt like a recipe for ending up under a large stack of giant metal crates covered in milk.

    Screamapillar - I can't drink that gloopy stuff unless I dilute it with some normal milk first. But try the Sainsbury's Belgian chocolate one - that is quite thick and chocolatey.

  • I quite like the Shaken Udder milk shakes

  • I really can't stand soya milk, but soya chocolate milk is good stuff

  • It probably means your stuck in a time vortex

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