Knickers and chafing...ouch!

Hi,  I have been running on and off for quite a while and am now able to jog for 4 miles without keeling over.  I am very slow - 14 min miles and I sweat like a pig!  The problem I am having is due to the face I am a little overweight (!!!!) I have a patch on my inner thigh wear my knicker have been rubbing and it is really really sore.

I have a half marathon in 2 weeks and my hope is to get round in 3 hours-ish but what knickers would you advise me to wear?

I have workd out for myself that cotton ones are not the best idea!

Thanks peeps! x



  • Don't wear knickers.

    But, at the risk of sounding unsupportive, is 4 miles currently the furthest you can run at a pace of 14 minute miles? If so, are you sure you are ready to do 13.1 miles in 2 weeks at a slightly faster pace?

  • Even if I have to walk some of it I don't mind.  It is one of my many challenges I have set myself this year.  But thanks though.  I am in much better condition than I was a couple of years ago.

    I wuld love to do it under 3 1/2 but aslong as I finish I don't really mind.  

    I have done a 5k in 34 minutes before...I am just trying to be realistic in that I wouldn't be able to keep that up for 13.1 miles!

  • Bodyglide sounds good.  Thanks!


  • Okay, that sounds better if you can and have already run much faster (34 min 5k) and the 14 min/miles is a planned sensible pacing strategy rather than flat out. It was where you said '4 miles without keeling over' immediately before '14 minute miles' that made me concerned. But I am serious about not wearing knickers if they are uncomfortable, especially if it is the seams cutting into the top of your thigh.

  • Oh, and 14 minute miles is walking to start with 

  • don't wear knickers, and if your shorts are chaffing then use bodyglide

  • Dave - there are racewalkers who can walk much faster than I (and possibly you) can run.

  • Dave - believe me it is not walking for me.  I appreciate your recommendation but leave the negative comments please.

  • literatin wrote (see)

    Dave - there are racewalkers who can walk much faster than I (and possibly you) can run.

    Dont dispute that....

    wasnt a negative, more a comment on your expectations 

  • Gettingfitter - I'm too worried to go comando so have found the comfiest knickers are M&S seamless no vpl. I use them for all sports and they're incredibly comfy!

  • What worries you about going commando Canarie?


  • Lycra and commando works a treat.
  • Ah. Well, you say that Ja5onW, but imagine the chafing that could occur if you were a lady runner and the lycra got wedged into your ladyparts. I'd recommend selecting your lycra carefully to make sure it has a large enough gusset area, Gettingfitter. Then you're fine to go knickerless.

  • Commando.  It's the only sure way of not chafing from underwear and it's cheaper than bodyglide. 

  • If all fails and you do get chafed in, ahem, intimate places, Sudacrem works wonders.

    Don't ask me how I know but trust me, I do.

  • Gettingfitter, i had that problem on my first half. i bought some specific running underwear, made of form fitting material, and they worked well today, no chafing. Hadn't considered going commando!

    Flob wrote (see)
    1 can walk at 12 min mile pace but I sweat more than I do when running. Jogging at 14 min miles is harder than running faster. Pigeon steps are not the way forward, we'll not the quickest way lol image
    Oh and commando is the fun way to run!
    I don't actually think the OP was inviting comments on her technique and pace image 
  • Thanks for all of your comms.  Truth is I am overweight and have just recovered from a knee injury which had me on crutches for a couple of weeks and also a knee problem which I have had for about 25 years!  I

    am pleased with where I am now - believe me.

    I have ordered Bodyglide and am really looking forward to my challenge.

    Hope you all find challenges too x


    PS commando sounds fun but I don't hink a half is the place to find out! image

  • Best of luck with the race gettingfitter... it sounds like you're doing well. Keep it up image

    Commando is excellent with those shorts with the meshy inside bit, more comfy than wearing knickers. No chafing image Otherwise I'd recommend your oldest, biggest greyest knickers underneath capris or tights.

  • Big knickers which are not too snug have always worked for me, with lycra 3/4 running tights over the top - I always had a problem with shorts gathering up between my ample thighs.....not a good look, let alone uncomfortable.

    Well done on your progress so far and hope you manage to find a comfortable solution.

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    can't comment on the type of underwear to go with - commando has been the way I've been doing it for a while and that works for me.

    The one thing I would say is that whatever you decide to go with, make sure you run in the same garment (or lack thereof) before heading out on a 13.1 mile route.  That goes for any clothing / hats / footwear etc...

  • Agree with previous comment re: M&S seamless no vpl.  They are super comfy and don;t slip / slide / ride.  No problems so far and in training for LDN 2014


  • I haven't worn knickers for about 14 years.  Not while running, anyway! image

    Why add another layer of fabric to risk chafing you?  One less garment to wash, too.

    Whatever you choose, don't use a half marathon to try them out - do a few training runs that way beforehand.


  • HI all!

    I am pleased to say I completed the Cardiff Half in 2:54 yesterday and am well chuffed!  Calf muscles like concrete tonight but no chafing or blisters in sight at all!  Bodyglide was brillinat and special pants!  Wahay!  Thanks for all of your comms xx

  • Well done Gettingfitter image

  • Well done! 

  • This is exactly why I dont wear a thong while running ....... imagine flossing your teeth only you do it so hard, your gums start bleeding. Now imagine ...... well anyway you can probably tell where Im going with this ....

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