Haven't been able to run for over a year!! Please help!

Hi, I injured my ITB a year ago on a 7 mile run. I now haven't been able to run for over a year, as whenever I tried I could never get more than 100 metres before the stabbing pain set in and it was unbearable! I ve had physio and osteopaths but it is still no better, if anything it's worse as I feel it on a day to day basis not just when I try to run. I use a foam roller which seems to loosen it up temporarily. I'm getting so frustrated now and feel like I will never run again!image

what else can I do?

Has anyone else come back from ITB after a year?


  • Your question belongs over on the health and injury thread, you'll get some helpful answers there.

  • Out of curiosity, if you've paid good money for physio's and osteopaths ...... why have you not asked them why the problem isn't solved after a year? I thought they were paid to know this stuff?




  • I have asked them and their suggestions arent working yet, so have posted on here to see if anyone with experience with ITB has any useful advice.

  • Same here. Has it for about 4 years now. Gone from running 26 miles a week to nothing. Tried everything... I think! Arthroscopy this week. Let me know I'd you make any progress, ideas welcomed in desperation!

  • Could be a build up of scar tissue and your being over cautious?

    You'll naturally need to break this tissue down or go under the knife to have it scraped off.

    I have just returned back to light jogging up to 4 miles after 6 weeks out and it's frightening how much fitness I've lost.

  • I had about 9 months out with ITB problems in 2011. Started a week after the VLM that year, and I didn't run properly again properly until early 2012.  During that time I tried a lot of "advice" from various places - physios etc, and got referred to a consultant who gave me cortisone injections - biggest waste of time and (the insurance company's) money, as it just masked the pain temporarily but didn't actually solve anything.  The consultant actually asked me if I felt it was time to give up running altogether image

    I ended up seeing a podiatrist and she sorted me out with orthotics - it turned out my problem was down to my leg and foot alignment, and it was pulling the ITB inwards as I ran, causing irritation.  It did take a while even then to get right - the change the orthotics made gave me different knee pain as my leg had to get used to moving in a different alignment, but I stuck with it and it eventually went away.

    Now back running as normal, and I've had no problems since then.

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