SIG Insulation Sheffield Half Marathon

glad  to see this race  still going to be held  with the stadium closing


  • Yes but it`s based at Don Valley `Bowl`. The Bowl is a field next to DVS. Expect to be in the shadow of a demolition site. Also the claim was that Woodbourn Stadium would be an adequate replacement for DVS (it`s also nearby) but clearly it is not up to hosting races like this! AND there is no reduction (£26!!!) in the price despite losing the special stadium finish!

  • Don valley  is in the middle of been knocked down now  and i am also doing this race as a training run for Huddersfield marathon

  • Bit quiet this year on here.

    Numbers might be a bit down on last year well under 5000 so far with 7500 last year.

    Anyway its my 9th year great event look forward to seeing everyone there image

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    glad  it does not clash with Leeds this  time as i am doing that aswell

  • Is this a PB course? Is it flat and whats congestion like with there being so many runners.  Did 1.30.28 today on a hilly course so am looking to go sub 90

  • Hellen it depends on your definition of flat!

    I am from the Peak District side of sheffield so I would say yes it's flat but have also heard others say the opposite. 

    There is about 800 foot of ascent overall, mostly slight incline first 7 miles, some nice downhill in last half. I would say a possible pb course. 

    Wide roads all closed to traffic so no problems with congestion. 

    1 week b4 London so will not be a PB attempt from me- hopefully controlled easy run with a few MP miles-

  • Its defiantly not flat!

    However it avoids sheffields serious hills.

    Many do regard it as having PB potential. 

  • bit worried still not received race number,anyone else?

  • Got mine yesterday- did email to chase it- it was already on its way
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    will   not been doing   race   as  got  a bad wasit and leg at the moment  and can only run   short way

  • Sorry to hear that compo

    Unbelievably my race pack arrived today AFTER I had picked up a replacement odd

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    good  luck  to all  taking part

  • HellywobsHellywobs ✭✭✭

    Have just heard that it was cancelled at the last minute because the water for participants wasn't delivered. 

  • I'm hearing it's been cancelled, some runners are still trying to run but the police have set up roadblocks to stop them.

    Absolute farce and feel really bad for the runners and any charities that were due to benefit.

  • One of the top stories on the BBC site at the minute.

    Looks like many turned up regardless, and thankfully police have left road closures in place to let them run the route if they want.

    The water supplier needs naming and shaming. Absolute disgrace.

  • There was no tannoy system at the start and it was complete chaos. No one knew it was cancelled!!

  • They tweeted at 8.17 for runners to send race day pics.

    Race was due to start at 9.

    Then they postponed it to 9.30 due to "technical problems on the route".

    Then they pulled the plug entirely.

    Looks like loads of locals have come out in force to hand out water along the route.

  • Disgraceful . I would have been more than furious if I had trained for the event .

  • Awful- who were the organisers?

    How hard would it have been to warn people yesterday that they'd need to bring their own water supplies. Ridiculous- I usually carry my own water for a half- unless it's really hot you don't need much! Everyone who trained for it must own a water bottle of some sort.

  • They could have been open about the problem and tweeted for locals to pitch in and help supply the water stations.

    One phone call to any of the local supermarkets would surely have sorted it. Ridiculously good publicity, even if all they did was supply plastic cups.

  • They're now saying results will be published for all finishers.

    The gun times are going to be fascinating. There was no formal start, and runners just set off when they felt like it!

  • BBC site suggests that they were let down this morning which would mean that most supermarkets would be closed.

    Surely the obvious solution was to give everyone the choice of withdrawing and getting a refund or run knowing that there was no water on the course. Can people not make an informed decision themselves? it's not as if it's particularly hot presenting a real risk of dehydration

  • First time in 10 years that I have not run my local Half ( didn't get my entry in on time image ).BIG  WELL DONE to all them that didn't need their hands holding and went on and run it, and why not as they have put the training in.  As for needing water !!!!! everyone should have been WELL hydrated before setting off in the first place, it's not rocket science.

    Puts tin hat on and stands back waiting for the rock throwingimage

  • Supermarkets are all manned 24 hours in this day and age to stock up - a call before about 9am would have got them through to a night manager, who could then have rung a regional manager to get authorisation.

    Morrisons is a Yorkshire-based chain, and any manager with anything about them would have fallen over themselves to get the publicity.

    It gets better - there's a runner on the Facebook page that was at the back at the start, and finished before they knew they'd just participated in a cancelled race! 

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    It's a real shame.

    There are regulations that state the minimum number of water stations required depending on the race length so I suppose the organisers have to cancel.

    I always carry my own water as I've been caught out a few times missing water stations on smaller halfs.

    I suppose Sheffield is one of the bigger ones where a large majority of the runners are not that experienced.

    How frustrating.
  • Why wait fir a delivery on the morning of the event. Surely that's leaving it open to go wrong. Should have had delivery yesterday with plenty of time then to contingency plan. 

  • Have just got back having completed the course.
    I have run it for 8 years previous and has always been excellent but this year could not have been more different.
    Even before the race despite having entered months ago I only received my race pack on Saturday!
    On arriving at the start in plenty of time we stood for nearly an hour and nobody knew what was happening partly because the pa intercom was not set up so the runners could hear it!
    When it did finally start we had no idea it was officially cancelled the first sign of trouble was at the first drinks station there was no water!
    The first time we got water was near Ecclesall Rd at about 5miles!
    The only time I knew it was cancelled was when I had finished at the end!
    Really do need to be some serious questions answered like why was the communication so bad and how difficult can it be to get water and cups!
    Although if the water company failed to deliver then obviously they must take some of the blame BUT somebody should have been monitoring that they were doing their job,why did it only come to light so late that there was no water surely everything should have been in place yesterday? at £29 to enter it is not a cheap event.
    Thankyou to all the volunteers and all those who came out to support.
  • Mistakes happen. However, whilst there will be regulations in place, why did the police not conclude there was zero threat to health in running 13 miles in April in England with no water? Certainly less danger than cancelling an event and causing the sort of chaos where maybe stewards left the course thinking it was cancelled whilst hundreds of runners were running? Road blocks possibly suggest a more vindictive aspect to their thinking. (Although I suppose they have previous form in piss poor crowd control).

    Of course you don't need water in a half marathon. You certainly don't need bottled water - surely an emergency service would be able to get two large tubs , a hose pipe and a couple of hundred plastic cups to the 7 mile point. Fairly pronto? Those thirsty enough could stop for a drink by scooping out some water and leaving the cup for the next person? They had plenty of time for this surely?
  • There's a reason that every club secretary worth their salt knows the whereabouts of a pallet of plastic cups that they can get their hands on at a moment's notice. 

    The organisers have dropped a bollock here, whether they've been let down on a delivery or not. As the locals have shown, this was so easy to fix. One text or mobile phone call to rally a handful of people into action could have had the situation sorted in a matter of minutes.

  • I've just heard that the organisers have apologised.  Not good enough, I'm afraid.  This event cost £24 or £26 to enter in advance.  Many people will have travelled and paid for overnight accommodation - they will not all be local.  I had an event cancelled on me on the day (because of predictable weather conditions) and it cost me about £100.  Organisers have to show some respect to the runners.  There is nothing wrong with tap water, and as everyone else is saying the community could have got together and got that sorted.

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