Gosport Half-Marathon

Just signed up for this

Completed the new forest half marathon at the weekend and struggled!

I feel I need to redeem myself and as this is local I want to support it and get a better time than I did at the weekend

Plus you get homemade cake!


  • I'm in Zoe. I did new forest and struggled too, bit too hot and humid for me. Seen your name in virtually every thread of the races I'm doing before pompey coastal marathon. 

  • I did new forest this weekend too and bettered my last years time for this course by over 3 mins so I'm happy lolimage

    Will be signing up for Gosport too. Did it last year too so will be interesting how these times will compare
  • Big slow tel you must be local?

    i live in gosport so its just down the road for me, plus they always have a great goody bag which puts the great south runs to shame,

    i have the RNLI 10k October, great south run, gosport half then portsmouth marathon,

    jindalee I need to redeem myself with my time so hopefully fingers crossed for gosport

  • Will probably do this as it's a Hampshire Road Race League fixture. Going to wait until I've done the Bournemouth half before deciding for sure. Planning to do the Lordshill 10 mile too, but if I expect Gosport will be sold out by then.

    Did Gosport 3 years ago, should be a lot quicker if I do it this year.

  • Yes Zoe, Horndean. I've got Royal Parks Half, Solent Half, GSR, The Ghost Run 5, Lordshill 10, Gosport Half, Pompey Marathon and then the Disneyworld Dopey challenge in January, hopefully my legs are up for itimage

  • I am doing Gosport as well as the Southsea Pieces of Eight, GSR, Hayling 10 and Portsmouth Marathon. Looking forward to all of them.

    I know it's a while off yet but does anybody know of anything within 10 miles of Portsmouth between January and March. I know about the Stubbington 10k, Portsmouth Half-Marathon and Chichester Priory 10k. Any others?

  • Tempted - but I haven't entered yet....

  • I have entered stubbington already as that sells out quick, I may do the Santa race on the 16th dec not sure yet, never done Chichester although always heard good things about it,


    cant think of any races at that time within 10 miles? Do you drive nine deuce?


    go on Andy enter!

  • I dont have a car, no. Shame. Will be booking Stubbington next week.

  • I'm in after many years of saying 'I'll do it next year' as the date has never worked for me before.


    Looking forward to a new PB - fingers crossed.

  • I'm in image

    Got the new premier inn booked which is ace as its jog to start line distance! Not sure about what I'll run though, booked Gosport as a back up then smashed my target at another half... hoping for conditions like last year though as it was perfect.

    Can recommend Chichester 10k too - tis good, not flat, but very fast.

  • Homemade cake?!? Wtf how did I miss that last year??

  • I am in.  Not doing any of the Pieces of eight/Coastal series.  Poorly run, rubbish gizzits and run along front during rush hour (AM Sunday).  The Coastal half had 1 cyclist for the guy aiming for 1:14 so the rest of us had no idea where to go and a misplaced sign gave us a little extra.  The bit along the beach was a little muddier than expected too.  I am doing Stubbington 10km too as it is quick although 1800 runners is massive for a 10km.  Was sold out last year by Nov so missed out.  

    Never done Gosport half either should be fast flat and cool if weather holds.  Scenery nothing much though I guess (it is Gosport)!  image

  • Some people moan about having to run round the airfield but at least there is no traffic and the samba band is there, toro I think you will enjoy gosport image

  • Woh woh woh! Let's back up a bit here. Yes the band is great, and traffic free flat courses are nice, but back to the important stuff.

    Homemade cake? I don't remember any cake either image

  • It was in the goody bag, thought the medal last year was very good, had some thought  

    go into it, although my neighbour forgot to get his!

    i did buy one of the t-shirts last year only a fiver and its lasted!

  • Aha! I do remember the goody bag being a decent refueling one now. I probably just inhaled the contents a bit too quickly to remember ! image

  • A few friends usually do this one, so I might do.  I've got two 10 milers on 20 and 27 October (Tadley and Great South) so if they go ok I might sign up if it's still open for entries then, it only closed a few days before last year.  I can't do the Stubbington 10 as it clashes with a 8 mile race much closer to home and I signed up for Chichester in 2012 and then it snowed and I was too chicken to risk the roads!  

  • Conditions were perfect last year like a summers day! got a pb only 10 weeks into new seasone after break so I was happy! The goody bag was great lovely medal & great cake image good luck to all that run this this year, won't be doing this as looking at different half with a couple extra weeks training to see if I can improve a bit more 


  • This is my favorite half! Hoping for a PB this year image

  • cake you say?? I'm in!!

    Also thinking of doing the Pompey mara in December. If I can get fit enough in time!

  • Also my favourite half , flat as a pancake , great crowds , best goody ever !! 

  • Did the rnli 10k yesterday, very hot! 

    Planning a long run tomorrow, not done one since the new forest half, this race is gonna come round quick!


  • This is my favourite race. Can't wait


  • All signed up! Look forward to a PB attempt!!
  • Did Royal Parks Half yesterday and knocked 10 minutes off my pb after having a terrible run at new forest half. Got a bit of confidence back for Solent half this Sunday. Hope to go sub 1.45 by the time Gosport comes round. 

  • big slow tel, well done on the PB!

    no long run for me as I managed to break my baby toe kicking a wall! By accident!

    so I decided to swim today, not been for 9 months but managed 90 lenthgs, will see how toe is at weekend for running!

  • Big Slow Tel

    Have you rin Solant Half before and do you know if there's a medal for the finshers?

    I'm looking for a half this weekend, and was going to do Swindon but it's closed now.


  • Trippr - There is also Chichester Half this weekend which appears to still be open. Bit more expensive than Solent though.

  • Never done it before Trippr, have heard it's reasonably flat with just a couple of hills but don't know about the medal. Entries still available online. i know Chichester takes you up the trundle which is hard to even walk up. 

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