Gosport Half-Marathon



  • Got my race number today, 4 weeks!

  • After uhming for a few days over this, I plan on running this one.  Did the Chichester Half this weekend just gone, and I am loving these local (cheaper!) races.

  • Did it last year.

    + It is a fast course. if you cant do a PB on here, you won't do it anywhere.

    - Got to be honest, a lap around the airfield and then some backstreets isnt exactly the most scenic of HM's Ive done.

    But cant complain about the organisation it all seemed up to scratch, so if your concern is more about your time than about enjoying the scenery then this is a good one for you.


  • I've taken the plunge.  I'm in.

    Just need to shake off this Tonsillitis...

  • I did it in 2:12 last year, if you google gosport road runners I am sure they have results on there, some at 3 hour point,

    you won't be last,

    it is a lovely race and its great for a first half, it was my first half and I have done it 4 times, it is a mixture of club runners and people like me

  • Results from last year:


    Does attract a lot of club runners, but if you can get round in under 3 hours you're not going to be last.

    Got my number now, looking forward to it.

  • Just entered. Looking for my sub 1:15 for championship spot for London. Hopefully a few other runners to run with specially if it gets windy.

  • My number has arrived! image

    NatB - I will be in the 2:20 to 2:30 bracket so you'll beat me!

  • I'm in, couldn't wait for it to come around though so entered Lordshill 10 in the meantime aswell!

    NatB - you won't be last and you'll enjoy it, the last 3 miles are along the coast so nice scenery there at least!

    Wilder - you should have a few to run with, one of our club runners got round in 73 something last year and another just outside 75. Normally top 25 or so inside 75 minutes.

    Aiming to take another chunk off my pb here this year. This is the only half marathon i've done and gone from 2:03 to 1:39! Hoping to get close to 1:30 this year!

  • I've made a late decision to enter this.  Nice and local and it's a nailed on PB - I've never run a HM before!  Ran the GSR on Sunday and loved it, 1:19:54 which I was happy with.  I'll aim for 1:50 but just hoping to enjoy it and feel good at running that distance.  

    All good training for the Reading Half and London Marathon.

  • have just done my entery form. will be my 1st half marathon. did my 1st 10 mile in the GSR sunday. cant wait!

  • 16.3 miles for me today, really looking forward to this one

  • I received the info pack but there was no chip timer, Do i collect this on the day?



  • Yeah, says that at the top of the first page of the info pack... image
  • Can anyone help!?

    I missed the entry for the Gosport Half as I had to wait for payday - I have spoken to the race director and he has said I can sub with anyone who is unable to attend - is there anyone out there who can no longer go and would like to substitute with me? I will fully cover all the entry costs....

    I am doing a series of 6 events (Ealing Half, Chi Half, Standstead Slug, BUPA GS done so far )and I had chosen this one but left it too late to enter - really annoyed at myself.

    So please if anyone knows of someone who can no longer make it please let me know.

  • Meant to add thank you in advance !


  • The event is now full..always a popular one ...especially with club runners.

    Did my first half in 4 years recently - Solent half....sadly had 2 years out with plantar facitis which I just couldn't shift...just had to let time do the healing. Up for the next one...see if I can drag my arse round in 1.30...  would be jumping for joy to beat that barrier again...but is going to be a big ask.

    Let's hope for no wind...Lee on Concrete as we call it locally can be hideously windy when the weather is up ....and that airfield can feel huge in a headwind.

    Enjoy your run....not long now :-]


  • Hello!

    Another one looking for a place! Race Director is happy to transfer a place if anyone is injured and unable to run.

    If anyone is unable to run, and assuming Emma (above) has first offer I'd be delighted to hear!

    BW to all runners

  • My childminder has a place but is unable to run, 

    please message me if you would like place

  • Weather looking good at the moment. Fingers crossed for lots of pb's.

  • I took over 6 minutes off my time, very happy. My son did the kids race and got a lovely medal


  • Nice one Zoe!

    I'd only run 13.1 miles once before today, that was just I LSR. Knocked over 17 minutes off that today with a 1:40:20! Lots of PBs today from talking to people, was perfect conditions.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Results are up on Power of 10, my Chip obviously didnt get picked up as I crossed the line so got no finish time as yet. Looks like another few I know ran didnt either. Anyone else ?

  • No problems here, although I am finding it difficult to add the review?

  • Several chips failed to register for runners today, including a few from my club, and including some that affected prize positions. It has been reported to the organisers who are apparently trying to fix the results using video...

  • Fingers crossed on the results as I'm also down as a DNF despite having taken nearly 90s off my PB to finish in 1:26:30.

    Thanks to the army of marshalls out there today.

  • good conditions, flat course, yet found It hard work today. In a big base mile training zone is probably the main reason, so am satisfied with a 77.22 result. Have done a 75 elsewhere, but did 79 back in 2010 here, so that will do.


    hope everyone had a good run out and any unresolved chip issues...get resolved asap!

  • Looks like things are getting sorted - my result is now on the Full On Sport page although it's not yet found its way to Power of 10.

    Well done organsiers for working late to resolve this one.

  • I'm curious - is your 'fixed' result showing a realisitic separate chip time and gun time? Or have they just given you a gun time?

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