5k, Negative Splits

I have started taking part in the Cannon Hill Park Run (4 events) and have so far ran a PB in each event. I started at 28:13 and I'm now at 26:07, however, i am yet to run a negative split. I would like some advice on how to do this and how much I would  improve if i did run a negative split.

Also, is there any type of training that I could do to help improve? I currently play squash once or twice a week and try a couple of runs in too.





  • Perhaps you could mix it up and play some table tennis or some badminton. 

  • A friend of mine managed a negative split at 5k. He played cricket in his spare time. Coincidence? I don't think so!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Run the first half really slow and the next half faster. There you go. Negative splits.

  • The best type of training would be do more runs ...simple really ....

  • I did interval training to help overall running fitness and for negative splits I do a more relaxed pace leaving home, and then on the way home think of the sofa and food- that normally makes the run back faster!

  • Walk the first 2.5k and then sprint to the finish.
  • Not sure how you can run a negative split on a 5K unless you intentionally run the first half slower - 5K is a short race and is eyeballs out all the way - with increased running and stamina you will be able to maintain a fast pace.

  • More running, including some longer runs will help. At the moment your pb equates to 8:24mm pace. Running at 8:22 will get you sub 26 minutes. image Forget the negative splits over 5k, it really is a sprint in terms of distance running. 

  • Don't bother with negative splits - its only 5k. Just blast it fast all the way.
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