Big Boobs



  • Did you get a massage after notts half , always helps .....


    Tonight 4/5 miles hopefully .......


    U ?

  • No I did'nt and never had one! I suffer with my right shoulder anod and have to carry a bottle in that hand to help me!  Do you normally have one? 

    I might try 3 if I get time! 

  • You would feel a massive differance am sure !!! I have a regular massage and an occasional sports massage ( pain )

    Book a massage it will really help your shoulder i promise !!!


    Mayb rain later i dunno looks not to bad ,3 is good especially after sunday

  • Where do you hurt? Sport injury? 

    I think I will,do you go though a running club or a gym? 

    Looks better here than it did ! 


  • Calf injury , really sore sometimes , massage is called for .

    No no i go to a physio , cost 25 -00 for sports massage


    Yeee  trainers on and away !!

  • My legs are ok just knees get a bit sore but at 41 they will be! 

    koi will check it out,thanks image

    Have good run then evening image


  • And you Scott image

  • Let me know how you got on .

  • Hi Scott , did 3 happy with that , rain stayed away image 


    Did u get out ?

  • Not got out! image

    Tomoorow deffo after work maybe or while my lad swims ( county and midland swimmer) 

    you feel good now? image

  • Oh noooooooooooo

    U were looking forward to it !! and yes I feel great , calf a little sore but hey its a small price to pay .

    ur a proud dad I can tell !!

  • Yo ,how you doing? 

    Weather horrid here,monsoon rein! Hope it stops later! 

    Yes i I am very,can you tell I'm smiling image


  • Was the rest of your evening ok? 


  • Good afternoon , long shower afterwards , messed about on computer , then slipped under the duvet .


    U have a very smiley face image

    U out tonight ?

  • Sounds nearly perfect image   

    I smile about my son yes,makes me very proud 

    yeah out later at 8 , you? 

  • Where the hell is this thread going???


  • Oh u know Mr A here and there

  • lol.... carry on  ........

  • A little here and a little there ........

  • Morning

    yeah got out last night,felt great and will try later to.

    i the Mr A is watching our thread!  Odd! 

    How are you today? image

  • New thread I think! 

  • Yeah Im doing well Scott .......... 

    Oh you were asking Casey.


  • Have you two mistyped the web address and landed on

    I think you're looking for


  • This is a thread about big breasted women runners, dammit - go and flirt elsewhere!

  • lol at pudge.

    Maybe the domain name was confusing.

    Like the one I used to use back in the day 'Experts Exchange' if you had a programming problem.

    Unfortunately the domain name meant you could read it as 3 words rather than 2.


  • Ha ha ha! image

  • Ha! Brilliant.  Although I suppose both sites give the opportunity to discuss dongles at great length.....

  • Scott yes new thread for sure ......image


    And i am well thankyou ........

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