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Hello Scottish people!

I've recently moved back to Scotland, haven't joined a club yet, not sure if I will.. I think I might quite like training on my own! I've only been running ~1 year and this winter I quite fancy having a crack at some XC - never done anything like this before!

I'm thinking of entering the National XC champs at Bellahouston Park on the 10th of Nov once it opens.. thoroughly anticipating getting my ass absolutely kicked, but might be fun to try! I've also tried to enter the Borders XC race series but am on the waiting list.


Does anybody know of any other good XC races that might be good for beginners?



  • Not sure how it works with the Scottish XC but I think you may have to be a club member to participate - you certainly have to be entered through a club to run the English National

  • Hi SR10

    You need to be in an affiliated club to enter National/District XC as it is the club secretaries who do the entries and you run for the club in both relays and individual events.

    Not aware of any open XC events or any specifically for "beginners".

    Hope that helps.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I'm amazed the Borders series has a waiting list. Why is that? Does it say its full?  I used to do the Borders but now do the North East Harriers League. Where are you based? 

  • I used to be involved in the organisation of Lasswade AC's annual XC which is an open event. It was usually held on the first or second Sunday in November - check the fixtures in Scottish Athletics' website

  • Minni this year the Borders series just has pre-entry so lots of people (at my club at least) have signed up. And yes it's full.

  • keen to try and do some xc this winter as well but it seems quite difficult to get into?  (or am I just not looking in the right place)  in cycling you can enter any race you like if you are unattached and just pay extra for a British Cycling day licence.

    XC seems quite 'niche' compared to the raft of 10k and 5k, etc. options general non-club runners have.  Is it the same in England?

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