Newbie 1500m (veteran) Training - Sub-6

Hi All,

My goal is to run a 1500m in under 6 minutes next year. My current PB is 6:18 which I ran at the end of a decathlon that I did for charity 3 years ago. I've never done any kind of specific training. I used to run 3-4 miles 3 times a week but haven't done any running at all pretty much since that decathlon finished. I'm 41 and weigh 73kg if that's relevant.

The complication is that I will only be able to do 10-15 mins of training twice a week due to having 2 kids aged 2 and under. I joined a gym 6 weeks ago and use the treadmill as a warm up method so was going to try and use this as my training. I know it's not going to be ideal but am after any advice on how to best use this short amount of time to best effect and knock off a few seconds.

At the moment I just do 3-4 mins @9:15mm pace and then just have a quick burst of 60-75 secs @ 6mm pace. I've just created a custom interval session to use which would be 4 mins warm up and then 5 x 30 secs @6mm with 30 secs @9:30mm recovery. Would this be any good as I was going to try it for the first time tomorrow? Or shall I try something different?

I do circuit training once or twice a week as a suppliment and maybe a 1k swim once a week at lunch time.

Any advice appreciated!


  • im 40 and did my first track season in over 20 years this summer.  i basically learnt that i couldnt train specific 800m or 1500m sessions as i kept getting injured running the short high pace intervals.  next summer i will be training as i would for a 5k so longer reps (800m to 1mile) and then try and introduce some 300s intervals in every now and again.  and hope i can gain strength from these longer sessions and hope to race myself faster.  its far from ideal but neither was having 6 weeks out in the summer with achilles and groin injury.  I do all my intervals at a track and would avoid using a treadmill if i could.  But if its your best option then go for it.

    only 2 15m sessions a week is going to make your progress tough but sessions wise i would advice building up to longer reps, eg 800m at 6mm pace as 30sec bursts wont improve you much good in the long  term.  you will need to do some longer running so run for 10mins at a slower pace (say 8mm and bring it in) otherwise you wont have the stamina to achieve your goals.  so maybe one speed session , 1 longer run a week.

    good luck



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