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Hi All, 

I want to post my training here and hopefully seek some good advice and support to help me become a better athlete..I have represented Isle of Wight athletic club.. Aldershot Farnham District and Totton... I have been running since April 2013 and my last recorded run before that was 8/1/2012 (so working off a 16 month break) ..I ran from mid 2011-Jan running before that was haphazard to say the least with spells from mid 2008-Jan 09 and before that as an U15/U17 2003/2004 ...So a near 5 year break...

Known PBS - 

800m 2:08 - 

1500m 4:22 - 2008

2KM 6:25 - 2004

3KM 9:31 - 2004 

5KM - Parkrun 16:50 - July 2013

DOB 25-11-88 

Height - 5ft 11

Weight - 100% Unknown but around 80KG


Pain is weakness leaving the body


  • Long term aim - Serious competitive track next season (3-5KM) possibly 10KM if I my body more suited..


    - Run some CC/6 Hampshire XC over next few months. 

    - Run a 10KM race and run under the 36:14 I did in training...(set a PB to work from)

    Lower 5KM PB to 16:00 - or as close as end of track season next year...

    - Improve  on below---

    Current issues -

    - Diet is poor and near non-existent, I eat what I want. I only avoid eating an hour before I excersice 

    - Long run - Need to include a Long run each week.. The longest run ive done this year is just over 7 miles. think over gone over 5 mile maybe twice.. I normally run between 2.26-5 miles around work

    - Structue - I need a structure in my training, slowing down on steady runs and including intervals, hills and speedwork..

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • My Log today - 

    19.23 Mile cycle at 8:30AM with a friend. AV pace 16.4MPH and 1 hour 10 on the watch.. although got caught up in heavy traffic slowing us down weaving in and out of cars.. 

    Back to his for a drink and chat then home to run into work at 11:30 - 5.13m at 5:57 pace 30:33.. felt slow but ran well.. Must be coming of the bike which I'm not used to (only 4 rides this year) 

    Worked my shift and then run 2.26m home in 13:55 6:10 pace

    Total run mileage - 7.29m

    Total bike mileage 19.23m


    Plan for tomorrow - Day off work image Cycling a shorter route at 8AM with same mate.. Then going to the Isle of wight for the day and staying the night with family.. Will run track session with my old coach.. Thursday morning travel back as I have work 1-10 but may run the 2,26 mile bac k..Friday unsure..any ideas what I could do? I will then park run Saturday morning (on the IOW) I will be travelling back Friday evening and I am off work this weekend image

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Scott Edgington wrote (see)

    Long term aim - Serious competitive track next season (3-5KM) possibly 10KM if I my body more suited..


    Good to see you've got a goal. Obv track season is now finished and most people's focus over the winter is building strength, ready for next season.

    I suggest you speak to the coaches at your club. Get involved in the XC season and talk to them about how they structure their speed sessions etc over the winter with the XC season in mind. Most clubs also have organised Sunday long runs where you'll be forced to run with other people to slow you down.

  • There is the Hampshire league and Hampshire cc/6 I can run in...I'm hopefully going to get some feedback tonight when I hit the track.. I fancied 1500 and 3km when I was running at younger age but I maybe more suited endurance wise now .. Building up over the winter will be a good stepping stone.. I will look into the LSR. Even on my own I should have discipline to do that.. What sort of pace are we looking at .. Starting at say 50 mins...

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Log today - Bike at 8AM - a 13:06 in 42:25 Av speed 18.4MPH with some nice hills.. Looks like it'll be a nice day.. Going to IOW on the 11 clock boat so leaving shortly.. Session tonight at Sandown IOW track is 6-7:15

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Scott - Good Luck, i'm sure you'll get some excellent advice

    Johnas - i'd be interested if you could maybe expand on your comment above about XC / speed sessions ? I'm thinking of joining a club and was wondering about the potential benefits of XC whilst base building over the winter. This comes from somebody who hasn't, so far, done any XC.

  • i did my first xc in over 20yrs last winter and whilst i underperformed compared to the racing on the road it gave me a base strength going into the spring where i took about a minute off my hm and 10k.   im doing less road races and more XC this winter to set me up for 2014.  first xc race is this saturday.image 

  • mace - over the winter, most clubs will change the focus of their weekly 'speed sessions' with a view to the XC season, so you're likely to find more hill sessions for example. Speak to your club to see what they have planned.

    As for racing XC, well it builds overall leg strength and power and builds speed endurance. basically, it makes you stronger and not just physically - xc is tough; it's cold, its wet, its muddy, there's feck off hills... it takes a strong mind and resolve to do XC. IMO, anyone wanting to be a better runner next year should do XC over winter

  • I love XC and k can certainly vouch for making me a solid runner heading into the track.. I may have a chance to run for Southampton AC so just have to see how my training goes.. Work maybe the only that prevents.. Such a shame as last year I lived not even a mile of the new forest - would have been perfect

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Best of luck Scott, are you registered with a club (Soton?) if so you can run the Hampshire cross country series. Some decent runners at the sharp end there, they are the ones I try not to let lap me...first one is only a few weeks away!

  • I'm not currently registered. Howevet I will need to check as I was registered with Totton.. I will look to join Soton as first claim and try run some .. There are some decent lads that run yes hopefully will end up training with them if I can get down the track more ( Tuesday and Thursday) I'm excited for my session tonight though at iow track. Will post it later.. I did hear Farley mount got stopped- was always my favourite!!! 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I understand that Farley is only a temporary omission, and will hopefully return next year. Totton also compete in the hampshire league don't they?

  • yeah I think so. I lived in totton so was local to me. Now I live further away it's easier if I stick to Soton AC. If im going to focus on my running I'll stick to the one club now on I guess 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • So an ok session on the track- a quicker session that what I thought It would be this time of year and thought would be bigger volume but ran well, felt I had more in the tank but didn't feel any mega pace in my legs, probably due to a heavyish last few days...5.1km volume 

    1600m - 5:09 -

    3 min recovery 

    2x 600m 1:46 / 1:41 - 1 min between them 

    3 mins recovery 

    5x 300m 51 / 51 / 49 / 48 / 50 -1 min between them

    3min recovery 

    4x200m of 30 seconds recovery  31/31/30/30

    Feeling ok about Saturdays PB attempt now, weather looks awful though! 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Hi Scott, following your progress all the way image

    can only add about the XC being great for the strength training etc. Really does help with the road running for next year. 


  • Hi Scott, impressive PB's considering you've only got back into running this year

    I'm in a similar position although not as quick, I was considering building a base over winter with longer runs, easy runs and tempos mainly cutting out the speed work, and then aiming to get sharper early next year. Is it beneficial to keep at the speed work over winter too?

  • Thanks- those PBs are from when I used to run few years back- the 5km is only one this year- but thanks.. as far as I know- speed is normally "there" building endurance is the harder - the base will help when you do speed work though as you'll essentially be able to go faster for longer.. I just think over winter there's more emphasise on endurance than speed but defo keep it up. I'm sure others could tell a ratio to work on... 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Following the thread Scott!

    From last night, you should have a PB in you on Saturday. 

    I will hopefully do some Cross Country this year too. I did one X style race last year and it was great gun with all the mud.. Although at 15k it was long enough to not have that pain of breathing I get in 5-10k races. 

  • Cheers tim- it's going to be a tough on but we will see- if not I have another crack next Saturday at common parkrun- this is likely to be quicker course with some quicker runners and it's not as technical- plan is an easy jog tonight to soften the achey legs and keep it simple for Saturday- tomorrow 2.26 m in steady and then a 20 min steady in the evening with stretching I think.. 

    Tim why is it you find breathing difficult on shorter Races? Is it just cos it's slower? 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Scott, I wheeze and splutter when running at VO2 max, it may be due to mild asthma. People think I'm dying, which I feel I am, but I carry on. 

    I find 10 miles upwards a lot more comfortable(ie just on lactate threshold or below).

    Just a note, make sure your steady runs are nice easy jogs, this way your legs have chance to be at their freshest. 

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Johnas, Dean - cheers, sounds good

  • It's good that you carry on but isn't it potentially damaging? I have no idea  of the effects of asthma to be honest, with structuring my training better I will be forced to run slower on mt steady stuff- currently going to fast and legs never feel fresh 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Try running the 2 miles to work really slowly : ie. in 15 mins or so. On the run home , again jog it slowly but throw in a few strides at 5k race pace  such as 6x100m during the run. Aim to finish the run feeling as if you've had a walk. (ie not out of breath). 

  • Scott - if you want some advice and based on your previous history of 'running steady' (aka, running too fast!) can I suggest tomorrow you try the following:

    AM: skip morning run

    PM: 30 mins easy (7:00 - 7:25 min / mile) + strides

    If you haven't done strides before, have a read here and follow the steps

    If you go out and run twice tomorrow at your usual 'easy/steady' pace, it's not the best prep for Saturday IMO


    X-POST Tim. seems were coming from the same place

  • Johnas, that's a great explanation of strides, thanks! I'm going to bookmark it for the next time I do p&d and everyone starts asking what they are and how to do them.

  • Lit... Same here ! By the way... VLM magazine came today. It says I need to confirm acceptance if my place but I assume that as I paid and went through the GFA that u don't need to do anything . Is that right? Cheers! 

  • glad it's of use Lit and thanks for not pulling me up on my grammar in the 'edit' 

    Tim - i can't remember from my GFA this year but if it's asking you to confirm, I'd confirm!

  • Great advice on the strides. Haven't really used them to my advantage but will do now.


  • Johnas, I didn't even notice but now I have gone back and looked at your edit and I am deeply shocked. Also disappointed. I had thought better of you.

    Tim, I don't know because *ahem* we champs start people don't get magazines. But I agree with Johnas that you should probably confirm just in case! Though you probably already have a confirmation e-mail telling you your race number?

  • I found an extra piece of paper saying "Good for age acceptance form". It has my number and details. It's not asking me to do anything else so I'll leave it at that. I nearly threw it away as there were any charity leaflets that looked similar. 

    I will hopefully join the Champs entry next year! That's my goal. 

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