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  • Taken on board johnas - it's still bugging me a little but I'm more confident of a solid parkrun next week now especially if i have someone to pace plus there's markers at the common - chilled out day for the rest of it . Legs feel fine which is great news. Not to sure what I'm going to do this week- ill post roughly what I am thinking, any advice welcome 

    when working I want to try avoid doing my short route in now- would it be advisable to do two long doubles ? 5.13 m and I can slow pace to advised c7 min miling??

    Sunday - long run 50 minutes 

    Monday - run into work 5.13 steady @7m/m and run home 5.13 same??

    Tuesday - AM??? PM- track session at Soton AC - unknown what it'll be - 

    Wednesday - only one run possible due to travelling + commitments - steady 6-7 miles 

    Thursday - My own speedwork AM into work- 6x 3 mins hard off 90s or similar ...PM- steady run home 5.13m or could do 2.26 very slow as done hard session - there is a chance  I could be up Soton track doing speedwork if my shift gets changed (won't know till Monday) 

    Friday - same as Monday - could miss one of the runs for extra rest?

    Saturday park run - 

    sunday - 55-60 min long run

    if it's easier I can post my work schedule - 


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    Scott - what is current weekly mileage? I thought you were doing approx 25 miles a week? The schedule above would have you running approx 50 miles which is too much too soon

  • Hi johnas- I guess I put to much on- didn't work out any mileage I just put up some ideas- I'll be working on schedule tonight- last month was biggeat month at 112 this month im sat on 116 with only few days to go.. Will be doing an hour or so along slow today... 

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  • Johnas for info - when I was looking at my log yesterday my biggest weekly mileage ever is 31.8.. I'm not sure what progression I should do- 10% per week/month aim for say 30 -35 a week for october? 

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  • Bloody hell by time you get to 50 miles a week you will be flying.

  • Hopefully spen! No sure how it'll all come along but will see over next few months- a long slow 53:27 run today along sea front- coastal paths and a little extra through town which had two super steep hills in! Not 100% on mileage until I can get it up on main computer with run keeper - but good run! 

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  • Ok, So got my run marked out on runkeeper and its 53:27 Minutes over 7.69 miles..


    Felt real comfy and a good long slower run - At least half of it was along the beach which was really nice image 

    Will tick over the 60 Min mark for my next long run I think

    So, now I'm home from seeing family etc, chance to sit down LOL and whine at some funny threads before being serious on my own :P 

    Going to do a full review of the last month plsu some stats from I started running.. I feel an evaluation will benefit.. Does anyone else do this?

    Hope everyone is well and had some godo runs/ weekends 

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  • September

    Current milage - 124.2

    Days ran - 26/29

    Total runs - 36

    Speed work sessions - 2 (4 x 1KM of 90s) and 1600m / 2 x 600 / 5 x 300 / 4 x 200

    Runs over 5 Miles - 9

    Runs under 5 Miles (Including speedwork) - 27

    Runs over 6 miles - (included in over 5) - 2 

    Highest weekly mileage 30.0 (1-7th September)

    Mileage break downs September

    30.0 .. 1-7

    28.4 .. 8-14

    29.4 .. 15-21

    28.6 .. 22-28


    My runs for over/under 5 mile are at a 3:1 ratio and this needs to change, I'm going to focus on doing more of my longer route into work and build up running for longer.. 

    I have only ran more than 6 miles on 2 occasions this month and this year! I need to get a long run into my schedule once a week

    I still have no core / stretching routine in my day to day



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  • Hi Scott well done on the run. 

    Weekly mileage seems a bit mental for you. A tad optomistic IMO

    I did 10.5 in 1:15 nothing special I know but the tapers not supposed to be image

    On the evaluation, I tend to look back at previous months training and see where I feel I am and what races to attempt Soon.

  • Cheers Jason. Mental in what way though? I having a look now and working some things out race wise.. Have some dates but need time off work for some and that'll be down to the boss this week... Will confirm this week hopwfully but I'm going to upload this weeks plan and plan as if I'm racing! 

    I'm clueless on what the taper would look like - apologies but keep up the good work! 

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  • Here is my schedule for the week SUN-SAT.. May change slightly as may be working Bristol on wednesday which is normally my day off and will then be off either Thursday or Friday 


    AM- Long slow run 55 minutes (Ran 53:27 + 7.69 Miles)

    MONDAY - LATE SHIFT 1'30-10 

    AM -5.13m run into work @7m/m pace

    PM - 5.13m run home @7m/m pace


    AM - Cycle 10 miles into work (can avoid if needed)

    PM - Cycle 3 mile to track EASY, Track session with SOTON AC - expected 3-5 mile volume (cycle home is about 6 miles, nice and easy)


    PM- Evening steady run 7m/m for 40 minutes 


    AM - Core workout?

    PM - Track session (hills) with SOTON AC - expect 3-5 mile volume 


    AM -5.13m run into work @7m/m pace

    PM - 2.26m run home EASY recovery style jog



    PM - 2.26 Easy jog home or nothing?

    Looks like expected Miles to be around 45-48...I could possibly just run once Friday and do the 5.13m steady run.. And could just race saturday and not run in the evening aswell

    Sunday will be another Long run though... 60 minutes...(not included in mileage) 



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  • 2.26 miles hardly seems worth the effort to me, I would add a mile onto the morning run and take a rest in the evening as you will want to go fast if you know its only a 2 miler despite best intentions.

  • OK sure, thanks.. What about the double on Monday? And Saturday after park run? 

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  • Nodoby turns up at a parkrun to race ? and just starts with no warmup , well I dont anyway , I put in 3 miles before so that takes care of the saturday double , no need for the evening session on saturday.

    Monday seems ok to me  as its 2X  five milers , its only 2 milers I wouldnt both with , nearly takes longer to get ready then showered than run.

    Imo 50 mile a week can be done without any doubles if you wanted but its up to you but no point for 2 milers anyway if mileage increases again maybe ... .

  • Hi Scott albeit not a complete beginner I found this thread really useful

    It inspired me to take a step back and train for 5/10k's (I had done a couple of 1/2 maras this year off 20-25 miles per week!)

    I think you may be over analysing, try to get 2 quality sessions in a week with the rest at easy pace


  • Fantastic, thanks image

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  • No problem mate found it to be a right gem! Some good principles in there

    Regarding long runs I was doing mine very slow (7.30-8.00 mm pace) but saw an interview with Salazar where he says its nonsense to go so slow... so did 10 miles today average 7.12 mm and feel good. I suppose only time will tell if a quicker long run is beneficial

  • Potential races / plans

    Need to establish and join a club first - more than likely it'll be SOTON AC..

    This is a list of events I MAY do. It depends on several factors and I will not do all of them..

    1st December CC/6 Local Hampshire XC race 2

    15th December CC/6 Local Hampshire XC race 3

    11th January 2014 Hampshire League Bournemouth

    19th January 2014 Stubbington Green 10KM

    8th february 2014 Hampshire League Salisbury


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  • On a side note - I just entered, paid for stubbington 10 KM image 

    19th January! Have to get some time off for that now image

    Cant wait! 

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  • Morning guys - Easy 9.61 miles on the bike to start the day in 32:48, AV sp 17.6MPH - Roads started to get traffic heavy so glad I went out by 8:30 on some back roads.. Steady run into work for me around midday will be next. Will be looking at 7-7:30 M/M..


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  • Scott Edgington wrote (see)

    Looks like expected Miles to be around 45-48...I could possibly just run once Friday and do the 5.13m steady run.. And could just race saturday and not run in the evening aswell


    I think 45 miles is still too much and this doesn't take into account any warm up and cool down miles for track sessions/parkrun which would push you well over.

    If you want my advice on structure, firstly i'd drop the double days and instead add that volume to your long run. Double days are also not easy with your work schedule - you need more flexibility. If you work a late shift, run in the morning. If you work an early, run after work.

    Secondly, add a rest day. rest and recovery is just as important and you seem to have missed this completely.

    Next, you need to follow the plan of easy day follows hard day

    base your schedule around the Soton AC club night as this is where you'll get advice and coaching. I really do think you should get down there and join up sooner rather than later so you can get advice moving forward.

    With regards races, I think those XC races look great and the 10k gives you something to work towards. not sure I'd do another Parkrun though until i've got some training under my belt to make a difference.

    so, advice on structure? I'd do something like this:

    Monday: 30 - 40 min recovery run to/from work. forget about pace. the long run the day before is going to be new to you and this will help flush out any tiredness and prepare you for tuesdays track session.

    Tuesday - track @ Soton AC

    Wednesday - 40 mins easy to/from work. 

    Thursday - track @ Soton AC.

    Friday - rest

    Saturday - variations of kenyan hills (find a hill that takes approx 60 - 90 secs to run up and run up and down continuously at threshold). 3x 10 mins off 90 sec rest. All your XC races seem to be on Sundays so when racing next day, just do 30 mins easy with strides.

    Sunday - 60 mins easy building week 5 mins per week to 90 mins

    This volume will be closer to 35 miles as a starting point. Over time, i'd increase the weds and sunday runs.

    i'm not sure what to suggest about cycling. personally i cycle 6 miles a day to and from work but don't count it as training it's just extra exercise and I always cycle at an easy pace.

  • Really appreciate that Johnas..

    Now I have my bike plan is to commute to work so I can cycle to and from work with basically no effort and then focus on my runs either side (I ran doubles purely as I dont want to drive and the bus journey takes a good 45 minutes including 20 minutes of walking which is just a waste of time and money) .. I wont be hammering out any specific cycling - Just when I have time, clear recovery period and it suits. I have to be 100% focused on the running and can't/won't replace sessions...

    I'm doing park run this saturday, have made plans and committed to it - then will not do another one for a decent amount of time that's fine...Predicted time for the Stubby 10KM is 34:58 based of my 16:50 5KM so thats what I'm going to work for

    On wednesdays can you tell me what progression it should be when you say increasing? 5 mins upto x ? keeping pace around 7-7:30 m/m or reducing slightly?

    I am all set to do 2 x 5 milers today.. I won't be cycling in till tomorrow and then obviously up the track.. Shall I just take my short route home at a super slow pace not even consider it as "training" 

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  • A little disappointed with myself - 5.13m into work- leggings and long sleeve thermal top on with bag on the back and did 31:50 for 6:12 miling- I felt so in control it felt slow and I felt strong so I was so sure on for near 7... Will have to have a little learn from this but a solid steady run otherwise . 

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  • build wednesday by 5 mins every 3rd week, topping out at 60mins. always run this easy as it's between 2 'session' days.

    agree a jog home the short way tonight makes sense. doesn't have to be super slow but would be good to TRY and get over 7 min miling as you need to work on that

  • Sure thing Johnas- going to punch up a 6 week block of training tonight when I'm home  - going to push it over 7 min miling- track session tomorrow and now confirmed Thursday so that's really good news.. 

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  • Easy easy jog home then for me at 2.26 miles and really kept pac e under control - came in at 15:53 so a nice 7:02 m/m pace image 

    Track session tomorrow so will post that about 9PM when I'm home but other than that likely plan is cycle into work about 8AM (not sure what yet - thinking of a 10 mile route) and then a gentle cycle upto the track which is about 3 miles..

    Legs feel good today! Sometimes can get achey, I am standing/walking for 95% of my 8 n 1/2 hour shift



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  • Last day of the month - Heres the Year summary 2013

    Total mileage

    September - 131.4

    August - 112.9

    July - 79.2

    June - 87.5

    May - 71.4

    April - 81.6

    March - 0 

    February - 0 

    January - 0


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  • September I have cycled 69.7 miles aswell 

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  • I have a question about recovery - 

    Can anyone help with these topics

    Food / diet - recovery

    Clothing - recovery

    Supplements - recovery

    Also I was advised by my coach a long time ago to take multi vitamens and dessicated liver.. Anyone take this or have other stuff they can reccomend?

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  • Easy cycle in today - 2.48 miles and 8:15 so 18.1 mph . Ticks legs over for the day and then another easy 3-4 miles upto the track tonight before the session ! 

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