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  • Been absolutely knocked for six- since coming in from my run I had a huge sneezing episode and feeling very run down- now few hours later I am really bunged up full of a cold - looks like it's going to be a rest weekend now! Body needs it - johnas jinxed me image
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  • Scott, I'm that classic newish runner who soaks up the advice around them, understands why it is being offered, and then goes and does his own thing. I've been in a position on more than one occassion where I've overtrained, not rested, and been polaxed with a cold or virus at just the wrong time.

    I'm not going to give you any advice here - I'm just here to tell you about my training philosophy! Rest up (if you want to) 

  • Still suffering from my cold today- feel a lot better , over in the Isle of Wight now weather is awful. Going to have an easyish weekend.. Should I be too worried about missing miles? My plan was easy 35 mins today , session tomorrow so 3 miles . And 70 mins Sunday..

    I may just miss tonight and tomorrow and do a steady run Sunday and Monday then track Tuesday?

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  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a smart plan.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Keep to the training pattern but reduce everything by 75% until you feel better.

  • Ok- I decided to take today as a complete rest day- not had one in 18 days . Tomorrow a hill session but will reduce by 75% and same with run Sunday depending how I feel . Thanks
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  • Feeling a lot better today after yesterday's rest day- going out for the day with family so plan to start my session later this afternoon / evening .. Not 100% sure but as I'm on the Isle of Wight would be rude not to consider the hills image will probably head over culver cliff and do steady 1.25 miles or so there and back then 12 x short hills on grass jog recovery. Aim for 12 see how I go...
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  • Hill session done - changed plan as I took my daughter and mum over the park with me image - I ran.

    10 x hill sprints (very steep hill) 13-15 seconds each very hard and jog down recovery 25 seconds

    Then 2 minute steady jog over to other side of the park and straight into

    5 x 20-22 second hill sprints (not as steep focusing mainly on form) with a 30 second jog down recovery

    1 minute rest

    Then did 6 minutes hard running in a loop covering the longer hill and another one which was less of an incline still... Roughly 1 mile covered I think there legs felt that for sure!

    Volume covered roughly 1.5 miles of work not including recovery jogs.. would have liked to so 2 x 6 minutes on the end or 2 x 8 minutes but after having this cold and legs feeling it that's enough. No need to be a hero today.. Long run tomorrow ..
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  • Feeling fine after my session today and just waiting for go out on long run tomorrow - going to upload weekly summary and a fresh training schedule for the week tomorrow night ok- decided I can re work the whole cycle/run thing and work on quality sessions etc etc- won't post until it's finished..

    Had a few thoughts about diet and core work too ..

    I was also thinking of buying to forerunner 110 at 89.99.. Is it essential? Any good? Any others to consider?

    I avoid a lot of routes because I cannot track the mileage 100% .. When I do different things in the future I want to have it to control my pace too.....
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  • Daughter has been in bed for several hours now and I've been chilling with the family...Have a sore nose still but no headache / runny nose now...

    Long run is planned when she wakes up around 7:30-8AM and I aim to be out within the hour for 65-70 minutes..

    Will be my longest run in terms of minutes (all year)- My long run last week was a silly 64:45 9.93 Miler and I will be slowing things down tomorrow!

    Feels strangely close to my first XC race in December now and feeling very unprepared.. Not sure about this feeling but hopefully after a few weeks of decent training and structure I will have a final 100% plan starting Monday...

    Looks like it was a 30.xx Mile week for me .. Missing Friday all together and 3 sessions were small volume wise...  



    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Cold wet and windy today - out for a good 70 min run today

    Came back in 1:10:04 so worked route/time well

    10.58 miles @6.37 m/m pace - felt fine and comfy image felt strong but wasn't pushing in any way...


    Looking forward to this weeks training now - travelling home this evening and polishing off  my plan for the week and next few weeks....



    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Home from the Isle of Wight and it's been a nice weekend with family just terrible weather couldn't do anything at all really..

    So weekly summary and review then a plan for this coming week..

    Total mileage for the week 6th October - 12th October 30


    My last 6 weeks have been (Sun-Sat) Starting 1-7 September





    36.94 (biggest week ever - 1st long run +45 minutes did 53:27) 

    30.18  (last week 6th-12th- had 1 rest day)


    Last weeks break down -

    Was the first week I had done 3 sessions in a week..

    1 rest day 

    1 long run - 65 minutes

    3 x sessions 

    2 x steady runs

    Total time running 2:57 hours..

    Did 11 miles of casual cycling on top ..

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  • My monthly mileage break down 

    April 81.6

    May 71.4

    June 87.5

    July 79.2

    August 112.9

    September 131.5

    October (so far) 62.57m

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • So, I have 5 weeks left till my target Parkrun on the 16th November which is 2 weeks before my XC race on Sunday 1st December..

    I have my work schedule upto the 1st so all set for me to plan is a solid training block. 

    Aims - 

    1) Build 1 day a week steady running to 50 minutes - the other will remain at 40 minutes 

    2) Carry on my long runs on Sundays - Currently at 70 mins will increase 5 minutes every week. Will go upto 85 Minutes and keep at that level.

    3) Continue session 3 x a week - Tuesday / Thursday and Saturdays 

    4) Start using Friday as a recovery / rest day 

    5) Start a core work plan and implement this week

    6) Run park run on November 16th and aim for 16:30 5KM

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  • Another final aim for me which I am placing into my plan is for the mean time stopping the doubles

    Focusing on the quality session and running the steady run on each other day...

    I will be cycling to and from work - once home I can do the run / session

    I will be looking at a 10 mile route into work which I will measure and do at a reasonable pace and just cycling 2.26m home easy.. This will give me time to rest and do my session without having to worry about running straight home etc etc - I can also use grass this way instead of mainly on road....

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Going over what I posted and in process of revising my plan - The only way to increase my mileage long term will be to do doubles obviously...

    I will stop doing pointless doubles every day but focus on the speed / distance + quality of the run- What I may start is do a double on my day off...


    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • So, for the next 6-10 weeks this will be my rough plan. I will keep a close eye on how I feel and how my body is responding...I will also keep on eye on how the cycling affects me (If it comes to it I will cycle to short 2 mile to work and not do the longer route)

    This weeks plan and going forward

    Sunday - LSR 70 mins building to 85 - 5 mins every week

    Monday - 45-50 Minutes steady

    Tuesday - Track session

    Wednesday - 45 Minute steady and build to 2 x 40 minute steady runs (will try this week)

    Thursday - Session (hills etc)

    Friday - 45 mins steady / easy / Alternate fridays will be rest days / recovery jogs

    Saturday - Session

    Expected Mileage 40-48 Depending if I do the double on Wednesday and based on 85 min LSR

    My biggest week so far has been 36 miles with others around 30..

     I am now going to progress/overload and increase the mileage. Maintaining above 35miles per week and seeing what happens.. 


    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • CORE PLAN  2 x week 

    Will plan for Monday + Friday either side of my Steady run..

    It will be broken down into 2 parts...

    I will log, measure and progress these...

    Start by doing 1 minute of each; 

    Front plank

    Side plank both sides

    1 leg stand both sides (leg at 90d- twisting upper body in running posistion


    30 seconds each with 30 seconds recovery

    Squat thrusts

    Leg raises

    Press ups



    3 minutes recovery - repeat 3 sets (Plank set just once) 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Aw thanks Max. Reminds me of why certain people even bother running / posting image ..


    So a 9.5 cycle to open up the day and then a easy 2 .51 back - ready for my steady run tonight. Legs feeling ok and will go for a solid 50 minutes.. 

    I have a 2.6 ish mile loop I will look to do 3 x so I can measure my splits... 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Ok.. using my 2.68 Mile route 

    I have planned 2 loops plus a little extra round the block for a total of 7.49 miles

    50 minute timer sets me at 6:40 pace so that is my aim..

    I should be going through the loops in 18 minutes ish each and then final part 14.....Obviously image

    Will have a peek at my watch every so often so lets go! 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • play nice Max...that post makes you look like a right w......   image

    Scott, ignore the bitters, you keep on me lad.

    On this thread only though image

  • Scott, I enjoy reading your 'blog' it's like a view into your mind image

    Your a young lad so a 60 second plank should be easy for you, do you aim on increasing the time going forward? I tried them (aged 50) and managed (almost) 10 seconds on day 1 but 6 weeks or so later I was up to 130 seconds.

  • 7.49m route completed in 48:57

    6:32 pace - I'm relativley happy with the pace from my target of 6:40- 

    I had this dying need to go for a shit though after about 4 miles and my stomach was gurgling and sounded so swishy, thought I was really going to let one out! any take on that?

    Splits of roughly---Were consistent though

    17:05 -

    17:20 - 34:35

    14:22 - 48:57 ...


    In regards to the plank - I'm confident I could go alot more - but I'm going to do a session and see how I feel - I can add 30 or so seconds and do it that way..

    Track session tomorrow image so wil do few miles easy cycling into work and up to the track. Won't know what is planned until I get there.. 


    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Dont listen to the naysayers Scott. I know you probably hear this everyday, but I'm your biggest fan. Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back, just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan.

    This is Stan

  • Feeling very lethargic today and one day I feel really really tired in enteral. Had an early night and got up fine at 5:30 so not to sure what it is really.. Opted to bus in and will leave work 5:15 to get a specific bus to the track. Session 6:30 for an hour or so - poor timetable with the bus back means I'll get back about 9 but rather than then cycle ATM..

    Will keep an eye on how I feel in the warm up and session. May knock a rep of if I have to.. Word is though from a mate maybe hills so we will see...

    Steady run tomorrow and may even go for 2 x 40min - one slow one easy but will again see how I feel- I like to think about all my options image
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    maybe your tired because the pace of your easy run is too fast....or it could be a cold

  • When you are asked to play nice by the very inclusive Stevie G you know you have gone way over the line. Stevie, nice to see you steer another runner away from your thread and onto teh Middle Ground image

  • To be fair Scott this is the 2nd thread I go to now, obviously won't overtake Stevie's thread. It has a strange kind of draw to it. Anyway, you are very fast already so good look getting even faster.

  • Combo of both perhaps Dean- I found working out a route and mileage first then deciding the pace run really helped .. Will be doing more of that..

    I had a very bad "cold" Friday and was worried it would last and then it vanished- maybe body felt kind and put it off now it's coming back on- regardless firm choice but will have a solid warm up before running tonight and will defo reduce it if feel rubbish-

    Have to add could just be work stress ;p but will see.. Just putting thoughts on paper helps ..

    And thanks Max - aiming to improve but need to be thinking long term and no rushig
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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