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Hi Could someone advise me on some new running shoes. I have Normal Foot and Normal Pronator. I was advised Karrimor when I was in sports soccer but I wasn't sure as didn't know did running shoes specifcally. I only had one pair of running shoes before were Adidas were quite spongey and good wear out them really.

I am getting confused looking online as different sites use different terms. For Style what your foot is. I have been told too off a friend to go for trainers with gel. Looking at £50 max can I get a decent pair for that any help appreciated. I don't mind trying online as some have free returns.

Thanks Claire




  • Go to a proper running shop. Not sports direct JD sports etc and they should be able to help you out. It's hard to judge without actually looking at your running style etc.
  • I would go with Saucony, I have some similar to this and they are really comfy, never had a blister and I normally get them really easily! I was originally recommended them by a professional running shop but ended up buying them on the sportshoes website as they do great deals on the previous years model.

  • Yeah Just hard getting to a specialist running shop as not near me. I know which style I need. Just some sites use different terminations of them! Thanks for the comments much appreciated. Will check them Saucony out now image

  • According to site I'm looking at the Support ones and when done wet test Ive Normal Foot. Orange logo. Would say Saucony or Asics?

  • Someone I work with bough Asics and just took them back and replaced with Saucony because they weren't supporting his foot properly. Apparently Asics use cheaper gel cushioning technique which is not as comfortable,.

  • Interesting Thanks guys.

  • I went to runnersneed and did the test. Basically running on a treadmill a couple of minutes at slow pace. Took a pair of asics 1000 and working fine at the moment.

    What they recommended is true. Don't go to general chains as sportsdirect for thisimage

    Good luck!
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