Limping, loving li'l leopards



I won!


  • you did
  • Got up and going back to bed.


    nice hat jj <:o)
  • im off out ploddin soon
    Hi LJ
  • Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm trying to get into the habit of early morning plodding. Woke up at 5AM for a ~5mile run. Awesome! Just need to learn to go to sleep earlier instead of 1AM.

    Have a fun Tuesd........ZZZZZzzzzzzz....<thump/>
  • morning

    I need to get out the habit of 4am mothering :-(
  • and i need to stop drinking like this
  • but you do stop

    all too often

    cos you're on call

    you were v happy last night

  • yes
    a mild one
  • poor you

    a bit early for a fry up?

    lots of water and something sweet for breakie

    no not Lil Leopard

    I have some Sugar Puffs if you want

    about 99% sucrose
  • no
    cupps tea and plod

    see you later xxx
  • be kind to yourself Hipps

  • hippo drags self out of door
  • (Fleur stands looking out of the window in a concerned and not at all alarmingly sapphic affectionate way)
  • sapphic?????


    bye for now
  • Morning peeps :o)

    <<shows FLR his lunchbox and waits for her to get her baps out!>>
  • sorry Bear

    baps in the freezer

    or to be more alarmingly correct

    froze half of them
  • nice lunchbox though

    you on the pull last night?
  • Yep :o)

    Lovely evening, we're going to do it again. I'm not sure if it's going anywhere, difficult to tell, I think older peeps are often a bit more cautious to get going.
  • "Older Peeps"
    Wash your mouth out young man

    Yes, from my friends that is the case

    There can be a tendency to be looking for "the one" that, IMHO, clouds the issue

    Friend who is dating happiest has just settled for a lovely man and great sex - hmmmmmm what a rough deal huh?
    But I don't think either of them expect to get wed

    Mind you I know nothing

    As I say in a monotonous relationship since 1985

  • Getting wed isn't essential to me - someone nice who I can get on well with, laugh and share stuff with, and who doesn't mess me around is all I ask. Oh - and some great sex would go down well too!

    Off for a bath, back in 10 :o)
  • oooo

    wasn't as cold as I thought this morning so I think I wore too many clothes!

    Steamy li'l leopard!

    (good news is, poorly paw stood up well to a gentle two miles! yaaaaaaaay!)

  • Morning

    JJ - Nice one
  • back and steaming from me crevaces as well :o)
  • Hi all , porridge for breakfast

  • Well that killed the thread! :o)
  • not v fond of porridge

    although better if it has cinnamon and sugar on top

    had bright idea of plodding to the gym, doing class and plodding back (5k each way)

    not sure I'll manage it though
  • I like it before a really long run with syrup and creme fraiche on top
  • I shall make myself a Crimbo hat tonight :-)
  • Alright, you can come out now, I give up!

    Never was any good at hide and seek anyway :o(
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