Milton Keynes December Half Marathon

It's a new event so no point asking for feedback but as the course is predominantly on topwpaths does anyone know what the surface is like? As far as I can tell from Google it looks quite wide and well surfaced paths rather than muddy towpaths - any locals shed any light?


  • wheels not a local but been around there a bit hiding from the roundabouts if this is where I think it is from the map it's going to be all well surfaced path's.

  • The Redways will be fine for running ... well surfaced certainly

  • I'm a local and it'll be fine as the others have said.  I'm tempted myself image

    With the bank holiday marathon offering the half distance for next year MK has more halfs than roundabouts these days. 

  • Thanks all - I think that's the decision made. I was planning on doing the Portsmouth Coastal marathon the weekend after, but realsitically I'm not fit enough nor motivated enough to do the necessary miles. This will keep me ticking over and mean I can party Christmas weekend image

  • runlozrun wrote (see)

    I'm a local and it'll be fine as the others have said.  I'm tempted myself image

    With the bank holiday marathon offering the half distance for next year MK has more halfs than roundabouts these days. 

    Morning Loz!

    Now you know that last statement isn't true image

    Are you going for this one? I'm tempted. Do you think we could drag Tony S out too?

  • Hi Andy,

    Yes I think I will as not many halfs in Dec and as I did Bedford last year and not wanting to run the same once twice this new one would fit the bill image

    I will send Tony an email now to see if we can get him out as well.

    When's your next run? I have Loch Ness on Sunday image



  • Good luck at Loch Ness Loz - is that your first marathon?

    I'm doing a few half-marathons in Oct & Nov, and the obligatory Halloween 5k nite run in Reading.  I'm trying to get to 100 half-marathons in early 2014.

  • No it's my 5th, one a year for last 5 years.

    Just got London rejection so working out where to head next year if I can muster the energy to do the training all over again.

    I'm doing St Neots and possibly the new Luton half at the end of Oct.  I'm going to be over 30 halfs by the end of the year and have the same aim as you apart from the early 2014 bit image

    PS: I've just entered this one 

  • Last Feb I went to Malta for a half marathon.  They also run a full marathon.  Very nice events, and a nice warm weekend away in the middle of a freezing winter!

    All the best for Sundayimage

  • Entered. So that's Luton, dirt half challenge in Leighton Buzzard and this between now and Christmas. Will be looking forward to the combined christmas and Birhday blowout the weekend after image

  • Never been to Malta Andy but I'm in Florida in February and have my eye on a hooters half over there image

    2W - I've done Dirt half and that was good.  Am just waiting to see if this cold shifts before signing up for Luton.

  • Loz I'm really looking forward to the Dirt one. I just missed out on entering that last year, was spaces available when I looked on the evening, went to enter the following lunchtime and entries were closed! image I ended up doing the Uxbridge-Watford canal one instead which was also great fun and a very unexpected PB so it worked out well in the end.

  • 2W - Haven't run the watford canal half but its on my list.  Doesn't look like I'm going to have recovered from this cold sufficiently to make luton at the end of the month image

    Andy - Tony came back to me and said he'd be up for this MK half if we were.  Well I'm signed up so what about you?

  • Right Loz. I'll sign up then too!

    Hooters half?  Really?  Will your wife let you run that one? 

  • How's the cold Loz?  In my house we've all had Tonsillitis, not much fun. 

    I've signed up for this event so we just need Mr S


  • Cold has almost gone Andy so should be back running next week.  Tony has signed up for this one now so there's no turning back for him image 

    With regards the hooters half I'm thinking of leaving the wife at the villa just to be safe image

  • Hummm tempted... No race planned until next May ... and fancy a half time 

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