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Can anyone on here give me a full diet plan fir doin and iron man as I need something to follow


  • Time was when people introduced themselves first and said "please" when they were asking for something.

    Those were the days eh?

  • how can you have a universasl diet plan? 

    if you use xxxx calories, then eat xxxx calories

    or alternatively you could follow my plan which is 

    use use X calories, eat 2.3 x X 

  • Just eat normally ? If you are a chubster - then eat a bit less and cut out the bad stuff. Its not rocket science.
  • if you need a full diet plan to follow - consult a dietician

    otherwise, we are all different with different needs, likes and dislikes, but essentially eat healthy natural products and cut out the shit - a diet of Big Macs is not an IM diet! 

    as cougs says, it's NFRS

  • image someone should tell Barley about the Big Mac thing image

  • I'm only going to be doing the 70.3. Do I need half a diet?
  • Just eat normally and have a balanced diet.

  • i get what u are all saying and ano its not rocket science but a was just wondering what foods might help with training ect. Please .

  • I've just clicked on the 'nutrition' tab and found this: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/triathlete/triathlon-nutrition/ask-the-experts-triathlon-nutrition-with-lynn-clay/8446.html.  No idea whether any of it is any good, as couldn't be bothered to read it, but it may assist. 

    The shorter answer is: just eat mostly healthy foods.  

    You can expand this with: if you're losing weight unnecessarily, eat more.  If you're gaining weight, eat less.  Despite all the rubbish in the media about 'superfoods', the training you do will affect your race far more than the food you eat.

  • This book has some info on diet if any use. It's not compihensive but it might be a good starting point and worth getting anyway for as a ref book for stuff. link

    For good food turkey in low fat so some turkey mince instead of beef or lamb is good. Rice and pasta is always good and sweet potato's are ace.

    If you really wanted to get all tecnically about diets there is a whole industry set up for it but unless your ever rich or planning on becoming a pro sportsman it's not worth it. Just in case you are ever through this links for a really good sports diatition who is also my wife and we need a morgage. image

  • Bag of chips and a pint post training, curry at weekend, if you need to suppliment it more bung in a spring roll

  • I tried to diet and felt knackered all the time. The more training you do the more calories you will need. I make mine up with cakes and beer image

    Seriously though, I always make sure I eat enough protein and carbs. Not into protein shakes so milk is always good. Eggs, chicken, salmon, load up on veggies. Buy a steamer. Rice, bagels, wholegrain bread, porridge etc etc etc.


    Then I have more cakes and beer image

  • cheeers for that, thats a big help. have either of u two done iron man then? will 10 months training be enough for me to do it?

  • Trotter I've done one and failed to do anouther one cutting out the beer is useful but not esensal. You going to find once you are in full on training that you will be ramming food down you as much as you can mate this is normal but just make sure you don't keep it up after you have fineshed training.  

  • Trotter if your thinking about what to do for a ironman you also might find some of the info on this site useful. Be warned they are all a bunch of freaks through. image link

  • trotter depends on your starting point and how much training you put in..then it depends on how much you want it and a bit of luck on the day........

    no yes or no answers

  • Wales this year and going back for more next and adding a second visit to Wimbleball for good measure. Mid field mediocrity image

    10 months is good as long as you aren't starting from scratch!

  • Cake wrote (see)

     unless your ever rich or planning on becoming a pro sportsman it's not worth it.

    Just in case you are ever through this links for a really good sports diatition who is also my wife and we need a morgage. image

    haha... and worst salesman of the year award goes to... image

  • image Just realsied if you had a health issue or a diet problem she is a also a very good person to talk to as well as being gorgous. image

  • ha ha ha cheers cake lad al keep an eye for the freaks lol, think am just gunna go for it like, am a decent swimmer and did the london marathon this year in 4 hr so am hoping that if a stick in from now till next year a should be ok, what u reckn seren nos?

  • with that background ......if you put the training in then no reason why you should do well in the ironman trotter 

  • sound as a pound, a think al just gan for it then


  • You are not from the South are you?    image

    Eat lots of good food that are as close to their natural state as possible ...cut out the processed rubbish and buy the best that you can afford

    Swim a bit, run a bit and bike a lot  image

  • Cut back on the booze not for dietry reasons its just much easier to get out n train in the morning without a baggy head, oh and you can run and swim what about the bike? Cos its all about the bike, basically bike everywhereimage

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    You are not from the South are you?    image

    Wanted: One new keyboard. image

  • iis did a 33 miler in 2hr 1 min ano that's not anywhere near wat a need to be but it's a start and with 10 month to go a should get better. What u reckon?

  • Sounds good if you can get the training in and get some long bike rides no reason that can't get quicker. That's 16 mph which for a Ironman race very doable depending on the course your thinking about.

  • You'll be fine. I can average 18-19mph on a flat course, just over 15mph at IM Wales - and I've just got a normal road bike. Work on the hills even if you are going on a flat race and learn how you are with nutrition on the long rides.

    Flat coke is great for a quick energy fix and so is ice cream image

  • lol Toro - class 


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