VLM 2014 Ballot released

1st attempt at getting into the VLM - failed. Not a bad freebie jacket though!

Will try next year, but I'll be 58! Or maybe Edinburgh for 2014



  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    When you say freebie jacket- is that the one you had to donate your entry fee for???

    I assume that people are receiving their mags today? Why not try stratford, its only 2 weeks later and apparently a very nice course.

  • True forgot about the fee - so long ago!

    I've gone and entered the Edinburgh one. Yea, got the mag today. Not sure if they send all the 'unsuccessfuls' out first or not.

  • Although running a marathon at 58 is great. Surely it can't be much harder than running one at 57?

  • I just figured the older you get the less chance of getting an entry (especially if a first time London marathon entry). 

    My Marathon time is faster this year, than last, but I dare say that won't last forever image

  • Im scared to go home, I dont want the post today image Wasn't to bothered when I entered but now I will be gutted if I dont get a place.  Edinburgh for me if I dont. Fingers and toes crossed for everyone !

  • at 60 the GFA will get easier than at 58image

  • Hope so. image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    at 60 the GFA will get easier than at 58image

    Is that speaking from personal experience Seren?image


  • It was my 8th time and finally in on ballot I ran for charity three years ago

    Now the hard work starts
  • Didn't get in for London and Edinburgh only £52.95!!!! What a bargain - not! Feels like Edinburgh are ripping people off because of the disappointment of not getting into London so signing up quickly but £52.95?    image    Will hunt out a cheaper alternative 

  • I'm in, got my magazine, first time and donated my Fee.

  • Still waiting to gear image suspense is killing me so I gave entered Hamburg as back up.

  • Oops... To hear not to gear...see, nerves!

  • Liverpool Rock & Roll marathon also post London for those that get rejected 

  • 4 years and still no place ???? I can't really go to edingburgh As it's a bit far from Dorset. Anyone know of a good alternative for a first time marathon?

  • llanelli


  • I can recommend the Shakespeare marathon if you a looking for a spring marathon not too far away.  It's not massive, approx 800 did the full marathon this year alongside 2000 doing the half. Good event though.

  • I have had a look and the shakespere is closed for new entries (boooo) but came across the Wales marathon. It's a bit later in the year but could be a goer. Only £30 entry too which is better than the outrageous £52 for EMF!

  • I don't think Shakespeare is open for entries yet? Email I got from them said open or entries by mid October.  Entry fee £33/35.  Wales marathon sounds good too.  Good luck image

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Shakespeare won't have opened yet. Worcester is usually a week or two before London, though its hilly. 

  • Anthony Vaughn 5 have you considered the Taunton Marathon, it's reasonably flat, close to you and quite cheap. It's is on 06/04/2014,i believe, a week before the VLM.


  • got my 5 year waiting acceptance form yesterday, at 79 I shall toddle round  done it a few times now, good luck to all that are still waiting, fingers crossed for you all.

  • Still waiting overseas here... I guess email travels slower than a magazine in the post!

  • Hi Anthony, I hope your wait is a thumbs up for you.

  • Anthony Vaughn 5 - why not look at Manchester.  It was my first marathon last year and I can recommend it - very well organised, great crowd support and flat as a pancake!  I managed a GFA time and in for London 2014! Also, you pay and you're in - no waiting like London.

  • Congratulations to all who got in. Got a rejection for 2nd time, so can't really complain too much (yet). Donated my fee, that didn't work. Decent jacket but will feel a bit of afraud wearing it! Hard not to be a bit disappointed, but in good company, eh?

  • Big Mama wrote (see)

    I'm in, got my magazine, first time and donated my Fee.


    Yep, same here. I'm still in shock!


  • I'm in too on my first try! image Although so far have only run a max of 7 miles, so really need to stick with my training plan now!

  • Still waiting here on west coast of US... JUST SEND A FREAKIN EMAIL ALREADY  image   I guess to get a jacket you had to pay first?  I don't think I saw that option on my application but then again it was SO long ago image

  • well done to you first timers. you have six months so take your training steady and you will surely enjoy the day.

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