Cardiff Half Marathon

HI this is my first half marathon, i started training in March i wanted to give myslef a challenge so ive gone from barely being able to run to this :/ i been training well untill last week i been following bupa training plan and last week i was meant to run 12 miles but managed 8 should i try again this weekend or just hope fot the best?


  • wouldn't run too far this weekend as its only a week to go


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    for my HM the other week I trained via the SmartCoach that RW offer. and that had me running 12 miles the weekend before the race.  Whilst it was fine for me, I know the consensus seems to be that you probably shouldn't go this far only 6 or 7 days outside of the race.

    What is the furtherst (farthest?) you've run to date?

  • The most i have managed is 10 miles but that was proberly 1 month ago, im thinking i might run for 2hours and should hopfully cover about 10/11 miles on saturday morning and then least my mind is at rest coz im doubting myself a bit at the moment, and next week just do a few gentle runs but mainly rest

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    another question - why did you only manage 8 last time out? was there an injury, or did you run out of steam?

  • this is gonna sound silly but i downloaded IOS7 and it messed up my running apps so sort lost motivation because it was saying i ran 40 mins but only covered 2 miles then was saying i was moving and i wasnt, so went home and got in the car and drove to see how far i went image now got new running apps to try to see if i can get one that works

  • I wouldn't worry too much!  The Cardiff Half Marathon is really flat and fast.  The city comes alive with crowds which will spur you around the course.

    If this is your first half marathon then get to the start nice and early to get a feel for the race... You don't need any other panics if you are running late.  Remember to pace yourself when you first set off and don't feel bad if you need to run-walk-run in part.

    I've written more details on running a half marathon on my website here:

    Have a great race!

  • thanks i will take a look

  • You'll definitely finish, and that is an acheivement in itself. Just take it slowly and steadily. If you had a target time in mind chances are you'll miss it. But at the end of the day at least you are doing it and you are guaranteed a PB image

    Just enjoy the route, its quite a nice one image

    I'll see you there, I'm number 10123

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