Eton Dorney 10k and Half Marathon

My athlete did it last Sunday and was sent the wrong way by the Marshal.

I have never in my life been to an event where the Marshals are so uninformed. I asked three seperate race officials which way were the runners supposed to be going, and none of them were any wiser. So it's not surprising that the leaders were coming one way, and the rest were being sent another. My athlete had been sent half mile in the wrong direction before he realised. Race over.

Running the half Marathon and the 10k on the same route at the same time (whilst adding in two extra chicanes to increase the distance for the half Marathon laps) is complete suicide, considering that clearly none of the marshals have been appropriately briefed.

This is what happens when an events company runs such an event instead of a running club. Stick to races that have been organised by runners for runners.


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