My physio lady says that I suppinate (I think she means landing on the outer edge of my foot) but only my left foot. This seems to cause problems from my left ankle to the big muscle at the top of my leg (iliotibial band I think) I will visit a podiatrist but does anyone else have the same problem and what is the solution. Are there running shoes which will correct this?

Any advice


  • No !!
    Cushioning shoes are designed for netural & suprinate motions. Basicaly your left foot doesn't have enough flexibility and doesn't allow the arch in your foot to do its job of being a 'shock abzorber' The last thing you need is a firm stiff controling shoe, but one as flexible as possible.
    If your right foot has any element of pronation (rolls in) then you need orthotics to help both feet.
  • Yep, orthotics is the only answer to this I'm afraid. They're no bad thing though and over time, they will stop you getting loads of niggling injuries.
  • i used to suppinate until i was recommended wearing a very flexible shoe. although my foot still angles (outside edge down) when i run i find that in the correct shoes i now run with a neutral gait and it has also got rid of the problem of getting blisters at the front of my arches.

    getting the correct shoes may solve your problem but i would still get your feet checked out by a podiatrist.

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