Nike have RUINED the structure+ help!!

Apologies if this has been asked before but in order to avoid re-inventing the wheel, so to speak, and forking out a load of cash buying different shoes can anyone suggest a good replacement for the structure+15s? I've bought the 16s and they are just not the same.

In the past I've tried the Asics Kayano which were too narrow for my chubby feet. I've been looking at adidas, but not sure which would be a close match for what I've been wearing.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated image


  • Totally agree that Nike have spoiled the Structure in recent years. I have found that the 'support' feature in the heel to foot arch area hurt my feet. Possibly cushioning has been compromised to make the shoe lighter. 

    Since springtime I have been using the Nike LunarGlide (cushioned shoe) with no real problems and the sole/heel seems to last longer. It is lighter than the Structure but I am unsure if the sole will cope with winter weather.. I think possibly the LunarEclipse provides more 'structure' but I am not a shoe expert.

  • the kayano is available in 2E and 4E wide versions, be careful with adidas, their shoes tend to run very small, im an 11 in everything, but a 12.5 in adidas, 

  • You're not wrong WRFC (if I can call you that).

    The Structure 17 comes out around 1st Oct and is supposed to be better - but they would say that.

    IMO the Asics GT-2000 is closer to the Structure than the Kayano (more stable than the 2000 IMO). The 2000 is widely available in a wider 2E fit.

  • Or, if you like the Nike feel, the Lunar Eclipse is your next best bet (like Martenkay says).

  • I have both a pair of lunarglide 4 and the lunar eclipse, I only mildly overpronate and find I much prefer the feel of the lunarglide,that's not to say I don't like the eclipse,very comfy and you can feel its more structured. The issue with the lunarglides is the wear on the sole,although mine are plus 250 miles and have life in them but not that much.Never slipped in the wet in either but the extra grip on the lunar eclipse makes that my choice when wet simply through caution.

  • Ive been in structure Nikes since v10.

    swopped to lunar glides for a pair - very comfy & supportive but wore out heel rubber in just over 200 miles. Now use in doors or on treadmills. Not upto winter marathon training for me.

    v16 working well for me though. 

  • Yeah, I am looking for a replacement for the Nike Equalons and Kantaras I used to wear. I don't understand what they are up to.  For the moment I think Asics Kayanos might be the shoe for me.

  • Thanks everyone, its good to get your feedback. I'll be interested to see what the v17s will be like and its good to know there are other options which are similar.

    In other news, since posting this I've found out that I've got a place in the London Marathon (after only 6 years of trying!) so I think I may go down the route of getting a proper analysis and some orthotics made.

    Decisions, decisions...

  • Wow, congrats on your London Marathon place! How exciting.

    I bought a pair of these in the sales and tried them out for the first time on the day of your first post, ironically. Hadn't tried the previous versions, but I found these to be a bit *too* structured for the first mile or so. (Ran 3 miles in them). Will try them again at some point.

    The most comfortable shoes I have 'on the go' at the moment are Nike Lunar Glide+ 4, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13, and Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11.

    I used to run in Saucony Pro Grid Guide shoes, but have found versions 5 onwards too 'clumpy' for me and they hurt my knees.

  • Ditched the structures on the v16 as just felt dead. 

    Had a pair of cesiums and lunarglides so nothing against the new nike way, but keep it for new trainers. They ruined the structures and I was loyal for every release. 

    now run in the mizuno inspires which are great road shoes, but lack that off road grip on wimbledon common when it gets wet or sLippy. 

    asics great in the 21xx series, but issue was the upper wore out really fast, so losts of big toes poking through, or holes near the arches. new 2000 series also ruined ths range as no heel drop, so too flat and all a bit too much of a nod to this minimalist fad. 

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