FLM 'reject' Watch

I was most surprised to discover the following instructions with my new shiny watch:

1 DON'T expect a place just because you've bequeathed your cheque, sucker
2 DON'T expect to get in if you bequeath your cheque again next year
3 DON'T bequeath next year, then at least you'll know sooner whether you're in or not
4 DO enter Stratford instead; at least you'll get a clear run

Did anyone get any similar instructions?



  • Yep only mine had:--

    As a consolation

    Do Sodbury Slog

    and run the Bugatti 10k on the hotest evening of the year!!
  • Exactly the same on mine other than point 4

    Mine said consider Edinburgh, train in the spring
  • Mine said

    Phew thank god for that!
    How about a nice 10k instead
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Mine said

    Every time you look at this, you know that you're a reject. Which was nice.
  • Mine said

    Relax, you don't have to train for it now
    Regret, you won't repeat the best day of your life quite just yet
    Look forward, to all those shorter races you can run instead now :o)
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