Brighton and London 2014

I've just got my acceptance mag for VLM 2014 and I am also running Brighton the week before. At the risk of sounding stupid will I have to train differently then if I was just training for one marathon. Ran VLM 2012.

Does anyone have any advice or training plans to train for both if so?


  • Training is very similar, if not the same. You want to peak in time for that week. The bigger question is how you choose to race each one, and how to maximise recovery if the second event is to be raced. To race them both is tough going - it's not a recipe for running your best effort. I have raced 2 within the week and pb'd the second. But how much faster would I have achieved with a more sane experience image

    If it is all about racing / pbing, race the first, enjoy the second, or even better defer one.

    Edit:  just to add one thing on the training side, I have done a lot more 20+ mile LSRs in training compared to standard plans when I have done multiple marathons.   

  • Thanks for that,

    At the moment I just want to complete them both as something as a personal challenge so not to worried about pb's. BUT!!!! I know once i'm into my training and (hopefully) alls well the urge to race one of them will come, and having already got a time from VLM I would like to beat it.

  • I am doing the same as you running Brighton and then London, my only plan is to start training earlier than my usual 8 week marathon plan i.e. now. Have a good build up and then race Brighton and enjoy London.


    My reasoning for racing Brighton not London is that I can imagine with all the crowds at London it will be a nightmare running through the crowds so I may as well enjoy it.

  • That sounds a sensible thing to do it can get very congested in London.

    As for the training, I'm running Windsor Half on Sunday then I'm going to drop down and start to build very gradually again, plus lots of boring X training, core work. Suffered lots of injuries last time trained for London, achillies, IT band, calves, etc. Learned from bad experience.

  • i did that a few years back and just went for it on both - what harm can it do - you either run a PB or don't. When i did them i just trained for Brighton and just missed my then PB - in London i simply went for it with the view that when i get tired to just hang on and see what happens - I went faster than at Brighton image.

    Enjoy them both - if you want serious PB's then a single is best but doing doubles are fun - I am doing the London - Boston double this year with a wedding the week before London - Boston is the honeymoon image

  • I'm glad I found this thread- I'm in a similar boat- Manchester then London.  I planned to race Manchester for a pb, and then just lollup around London all leisurely, but andyc, if you had a good time racing them both, then why not go for it on the second one if I feel up to it, eh?

  • I want to give London a proper good go as I owe it 1, after having to adopt a run/walk strategy in 2012 after my ITBand went at 13 miles, also I got in through the ballot this year so could be a while if ever before I run it again(Not doing Gold Bond anymore) so I think Brighton could be a nice leisurely jog!


    either your partner is also a runner or very understandingimage

  • she's under orders!! Seriously - she does some running but my international runs give me, her and the kids a chance to see different cities. Just got back from Berlin and the kids loved visiting the Zoo etc, then topping it all off with a marathon on the last day and my first sub 3hr run image.Besides, after Boston she gets to go to New York shopping.

  • Think I am going to suggest that to my girlfriend she is not a runner but she loves city breaks and especially shopping. Berlin is a great city. That's on my bucket list!

  • As long as she is ok standing around for 3-4 hours whilst you run image

    I usually get up and go to the start leaving the kids and missus in bed, then arrange for them to watch at a point around 35k and/or the finish. That way they are not hanging around too long and enjoy it more. Now, as soon as we get home the kids are asking when the next one is - so far they have done three European ones -  Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris and next year starts the American tour in Boston image

  • I think that's what I will do for Brighton leave her in the hotel and arrange for her to view.

    Great way to see other cities and an experience for the kids, Boston will be special especially after this years tragedy.


    Will start looking into marathons abroad during next year for 2015.

  • Did both this year and I am a very average runner. I ran to finish rather than go for a PB. Had really bad IT Band issues so unable to go much quicker anyway. If I had my way again I would do more miles and start doing longer distances now. In between both I wore compression socks which were fantastic and really helped with lactic acid build up and did gentle runs (2/3 miles twice) between stretching daily and foam rolling. Doing Brighton next year and looking for another Marathon after that as failed through the ballot again for VLM. Good luck and if an average to poor runner like me can complete these then you will smash it. 

  • There is nothing average about running 2 marathons in 8 days, superb achievement.

    Thank you for your advice greatly received and which I will use and thank you for  sharing your experience, really inspirational.

    Did you follow a specific training plan?

  • I too am glad i found this thread, ive just been offered a gold bond place in london next year running for parkinsons uk and im also doing Brighton the week before...

    Im aiming for a pb in brighton and then just going for it in london aiming to enjoy the experience and hoping to still finish in a decent time...thanks for the tip on doing more longer runs in training i shall take that up and the compression socks between marathons..

  • Hello

    Yvonne - I have seen you on the Brighton threadimage

    I also plan to do Brighton and London (GB place for Anthony Nolan). Currently injured after turning over my foot on a water bottle 2 miles into a HM a couple of weeks ago! Hope to recover quickly!


  • Hi madwelshwoman nice to have company over here on this thread too..hope your foot gets better soon..

  • Thanks Yvonne, very frustrating not being able ro run at the moment. I guess better now than closer to Marathons!

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