GSD Lost - Durham near Sherburn Leisure Centre- may be heading back to Skipton

Friend of a friend was taking delivery of a rescued black and tan German Shepherd called Lola at Belmont Community Centre Field Durham yesterday when she got loose somehow. She may be heading back to Skipton but she may also be hanging around near the Sherburn Road Estate or Sports Centre. She doesn't know the area at all and will be very very scared. There is a £3 figure reward for her safe return  If you train anywhere in the Durham area or between Durham and Skipton please look at her photo Missing German Shepherd and phone the number. If you can catch her claim the reward!  Facebook page about her here with an even better photo Please share with anyone you know who might be in the area Thankyou


  • Hope she is found

  • Thanks M..eldy - Just want her safe - there are some horrible things going on to dogs at the moment

  • Indeed, hopefully her nerves will keep her away from the wrong people

  • Live dwon south so no help at all, but I hope she is found safe and well.

  • I hope you find her but....£3? Surely you could round it up to a fiver at least image

  • The reward is now £500.... please pass this on to anyone on the Durham / wider area that you know She's been seen all over the place but usually around dawn dusk - so I'm sure it will be people who are out early who can find her. If you live in that area - please take a rope or spare lead with you when you go out in case you see her

    - here's Lola's photo Thankyou




  • Bump.

    fingers crossed for finding Lola safe and sound.


  • Thankyou for the Bump. Lola was seen today running along the  dual carriageway between Gilesgate roundabout and Prince Bishops roundabout outside Durham

    .... good news that she's been seen - but stay away from the busy road Lola

  • Lola's been found! Safe and Well - she entered someone's garden and they rang the Council having heard about her being missing - and the people at the Council knew as well and acted instantly to let the people who were out looking for her know.

    Just shows what a determined effort via Facebook and door to door can achieve - people were out looking for her all hours of the day and night. My gosh - what a lucky doggie - 8 days loose in a totally strange place with heavy traffic and hundreds of miles from her original rural home. Nice to have some good news for a change 


    Thanks for your interest



  • So pleased to hear that........lived too far away to make any difference but that news has cheered me up today

  • What a lovely doggy - glad she's been found safe image

  • A really good news day.

    She looks a lovely dog.

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