London Marathon

I have read the requyirements for Good for Age Entry.  My question relates to whether the age specified say (60 - 65) is the age when qualifying or the age when participating in the marathon (like Boston).  For example can I run a sub-3:45 at age 59 and qualify to run when I'm 60.


  • Surely it's the age when you run the time. It stands for two years.

  • That's a little different from Boston which uses the age on race day rather than the age when qualifying, as long as you qualify within the allowed time period.  Just looking for confirmation one way or the other.

  • I think I have seen people before (at around GFA time of year) saying it is your age on race day. If you search out some of the old threads in the spring marathon section you should be able to find someone who's done it.

  • I called the marathon hotline earlier this year and they confirmed that it was the age on the day you race.  Good luck!

  • Thinking about it, that would be why the times pare only valid for 18months. 

  • Samantha - Thanks for clarifying things.  Hopefully I'll be there in 2015

  • Entered the overseas ballot and just wondering how early in October will i find out and will i find out regardless of being succesful or not?  Thanks.

  • Niall: Yes, you will find out regardless of being successful or not. According to a poster on a Swedish running forum the results will be emailed on the 7th of October.

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