Great Scottish run - NEED A place??

I'm looking for a place in the Great Scottish Run half marathon. It's booked to capacity so I'm looking for someone who has entered, but can't run for some reason.  Anyone know anyone?

I'm currently trying to find out whether I can transfer a name / number if I find someone, but if not I'd be happy to run under any old name. 

I've been working abroad and wasn't able to register online before the final date .  Also didn't want to do it too far in advance as it will be my first half and wanted to be sure I was ready. Anyway. In short I screwed up. If anyone hears of someone who has entered, but can't run for some reason I'd be happy to take a number off their hands - obviously will pay in full and arrange transfer if possible.  

Thank you



  • Hi,

    I'm also looking for a place, it's my first half too so wanted to make sure I could do it before signing up and now it's too late! I'm gutted as been training for the last 11weeks and now know I'm capable.

    Sorry for crashing your thread but on the off chance you have more than one person respond to you, could you please pass them on to me?

    Many thanks

  • Laura,

    did you manage to get sorted yet? If so, can I join the queue after you


  • Oh me too I need a place

    "jumps up and down and waves arms"


    so if anybody else after the good people above please contact


    Thank you muchly

  • Hope you guys all got sorted but if not you can still enter the Neil McCover half marathon on line. It is on the same day as Glasgow, 9am start, you'll be finished with your feet up before Glasgow has even started! It is a much more scenic course, I have doing this instead of Glasgow the last couple of years.

    Go a shame to waste all that training!

  • I've got a place, will sell for the £30 . Short notice I know so not sure how I'd get it to whoever wants it -number in dundee 


  • I have a place available that I am looking to sell for £30. I am unable to run the event as I will be out the country.  

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