Dehydration symptoms.

After having to lay-off for almost a week due to a calf muscle injury, I have noticed that my urine is almost colourless, when normally it is usually highly coloured. During this lay-off my daily liquid intake has been about its usual, but because of the non-activity I have became properly hydrated. I have been runnning for years and this is the first lay - off that I have had due to injury, and the first time for years that my urine has been clear. Obviously I have been dehydrated all these years, and I will be curious to see any improvement when I get back on the trail again, because I intend to really keep properly hydrated now, and will use the urine colour to keep me on the mark. Anyone else noticed this ??


  • Yeah, the colour of urine is a very good indicator of your hydration state - the one I consult most frequently, in fact (well, it's that or reading the Betterware catalogue when in the little boys' room...)
    Ideally it should be colourless or pale. If it's bright yellow, this indicates that less liquid can be spared for the body to dilute the urea with. Also, muscle cramps during or straight after a run can also be caused by dehydration (and 101 other things!)
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