How do I get my 10k time down?

In march I was running 10mile in 1 hr 9, so just under 7 minute miles, now it doesn't matter what I'm doing I am just not able to break at 7.30/mile. Just wondered if you guys knew what I could do to correct my running performance?


  • Lokk back at what training you were doing in march if you kept a diary ?

  • Over training/not enough rest, wrong training. They are the usual culprits. Many people think that if their times are getting faster and they feel great then they should carry on training harder and more often. Not always the case. 

  • Has your training changed?

    in may I ran 26 miles @ 7:20 pace on av of 60 miles a week

    now running 20 ish a week and 10 mile fast run would be around 8:00 for me it's all about upping the training for a particular event then reducing. 

    If I keept training all year round I would get injured or burn out and I am ONLY 43. 

    I do find it frustrating though when a 8:00+ pace is hard going- 

  • I have found strength training to be a valuable tool to improve my times. The benefits of training in the gym are  well explained in this blog:

  • Absolutely, definitley interval training. Find a nice stretch of road with no turnings.Try building up to 8x800metres with a 2 minute interval between each rep. I'd guess you should aim to complete each 800 metres in 3 minutes, so get your pace right as it is no use fading on the last one/few. Start off with 4x800 metres on the first week and only do this training once per week.

  • Your week could look like this - 3 easy runs, 1 speed session and a long run (10m+).

    Easy runs at 1min 40secs per mile above 10k race pace.


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