Cycling rejoice! - Mcquaid beaten at UCI congress

After all of McQuaids dirty tricks and obfuscation continuing into this morning, defying proper procedures to try to ratify invalid nomination, even barring visual aids for the presentations because McQuaid thought that gave Cookson advantage..

Cookson finally made the presidential move of saying just to take it to a vote. The gamble paid off - he won straight 24-18 - and since a previous vote on whether to vote on amendments was split down the middle, you have to think that presidential move of cutting through legal argument to allow a vote, was what won him the day.

Goodbye, and good riddance. McQuaid, and take all those coniving and conspiring apartchiks with you.

To use your own words, you "have no place in cycling". I hope you keep to your own promise to stay away if beaten.




    From the comments section there don't seem to be too many McQuaid fans out there.

  • Too true. But popularity never stopped him. He has been a pariah for several years, viewed by everyone except his apratchiks.  He was actively booed at a cycling event prizegiving by most of the crowd recently, but still he carried on regardless.

    There are allegations of bribes to the Greek federation to vote for Cookson, who simply is not the kind to do such underhand things.

    My guess is that was a last desparate act in the ongoing dirty tricks campaign by McQuaid supporters, and a contingency policy by deliberately planting a seed to allow the result to be contested afterwards. We shall see..


  • Mc Quaid must have had the hide of a rhino.

  • Was this guy basically the cycling version of Sef Blatter in football by any chance? Can't find a nice thing anyone has said about him.  

  • Best news I've heard in years 

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