Iron man

Does n e one know of a training plan for iron man that will produce a sub 10 hr result? Just a man at my work has bet me 200 quid that I won't finish faster than him ha ha, av got no chance but a would like to av a look at a training plan that might get me prepared for it, cheers 


  • Trotter all depends on your starting point. A sub 10 is a tall order through. I've used the fink plan before and worked but wasn't trying to be able to qualify for Kona.

  • I think I read you did a 4 hour marathon ? Well there's no way you're going to do a sub 10 ironman - not in 10 months. There's no point in looking at it.
  • You are having a larf arn't you ?

  • Like I said a know a wouldn't b doing that, al be lucky to finish it ha just wanted a look to see how on earth he did so well. He said his was in Zurithey guys heard much off that one

  • Trotter he probably trained like a machine for years to get that or had some very good natual ability. If you want to bet him for time start leaving box's or rollerskates around at work and hope he injures himself might be the only way.

  • Ha ha ha ha  good plan al start Monday 

  • Well dont use Fink.... i've used it and never gone sub 10 image

  • The plans for 10 - 12 - 14 hrs will all look the same, its the pace that differs you know  image

  • Wat would u use then m.....eldy

  • I think you missed the point....    if you do not have the pace then it doesnt matter what plan you use, you wont have the pace   

  • ha ha ha I get what ya mean now m a bit of the pace in more ways than one ha ha.  I can swim a mile in the pool in half hour and I ran the marathon in4 hr with 8 weeks traing is that not a good starting point?

  • It is wont get you a sub 10

  • Nowhere near especially if you are weak on the bike

  • With no real background in swimming or cycling I trained for a year for my IM.
    Swimming - Went from 1:16 down to 1:08.
    Running - I reckon I was probably not far off  PB shape (2:55) before the race.  I ran 3:29 on the day.
    Cycling  - I'm rubbish on the bike and did 5:51 (19.1mph) I reckon I'd have to spend 2-3 years solid cycling to improve to a level where I could go manage 22+ mph.

    I looked at Fink and didn't think much of it so did my own thing.

  • were a fit sub 3 hr marathoin runner who put in a lot of training.........and you didn't get near sub 10 on the first one..........and you were amazing image


    so i have to say the odds are well and truely stacked against trotter getting it as off a much slower and less fit base.......

    so why not just start training and start worrying about the pace you will attempt some time in the new year.......

    if you want a sun 10 then i believe you have many years of triathlon ahead of you to hone your skills 

  • YourYou're input has been well a truly stored, cheers. I knew a would never do that to be fair But thank for ya thoughts.

  • I'll be happy to be off the bike in 10 hrs in IM Wales next year.

  • I was ecstatic to be off the bike in 10 hrs and a few seconds this year........I was happy I was crying.....meant i could relax and enjoy the run image

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