Newbie Stretching & Diet

ok at the start of every thread i start ill put some info....I'm 35, 192 lbs / 87.1kg and only 5'8 / 172.5cm. Slightly diabetic.

With that out of the way i would like some suggestions on what to eat b4 going on a 60+ min run & how long should you wait after eating to start your run.

1)  Diet - Right now b4 i start my run i eat 1 bananna and 2 severing of fat free plain yogurt with some canned fruit in it and take a bottle of zero calorie "Powerade" with me for the duration of the run. 

Can anyone give me some better examples on what to eat pre run for that time period or even longer? and how long after eating to start the run.

2) Stretching - Right now i do 3 reps of 45 secs on each leg of the following.

      a) Hamstrings - Elevate 1 foot on a step or something and lean forward to stretch

      b) Calves - Put hands on a wall while putting 1 foot behind you heel down.

      c) Quads - Stand up, grab your foot and stretch it to your butt.

Any more suggestions on more or different stretches would be greatly appreciated, or maybe a link to another site.


Last thing...Carying that bottle of Powerade for an hour + seems to cramp up my hands, what do you pros do on long runs for drinks? just curious if there is an easier way image 

Thanks everyone!



  • Up to a 1hr (approx) run I don't bother with any extra pre run diet preparation - I don't eat one hour before. I do take 10 or so Jelly Babies with me in case I need them. Water? I use a UltraAspire vest and a 500ml bottle with plain water, carry a small first aid kit, key, phone, etc.

    I always warm up (walking) before stretching. As well as your lower body, don't leave out upper body stretches. 

    Most importantly... experiment. Everyone is different and different preparation, diet, etc suit different people.

  • Some great advice CliveS thaks for taking the time and giving me some ideas, im new at this so i need all the help i can get image I do carry a couple 4 mg glucose tabs with me just in case sugar gets low which ive had to use b4. 

  • I just tend  to eat normally, -ie glass of orange juice and toast, then wait about 2 hours, or if I am going out first thing in the moring- jsut drink a smoothie and head out the door!- can cope if it's a slow run, not good if it is faster.

    Just take water to drink unless I am out in very hot weather , or for more than 90mins, then may use zero tabs ( electrolyte), and take jelly babies/ shot bloks (jelly cubes) just in case.

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