Hello Pirates

Hi All

Been lurking here now for a few weeks since I bought that bloody Ironholgs book, I have been watching the Wales IM every year but now I have enterd IM France I am going to follow the fink plan starting Dec 2  last 3 weeks been doing 3 sessions a week z2 got a lot of weight to shift. Anyway just wanted to say hi and hope to meet some like minded not to serious Triathletes. 


  • Hi TB and welcome see you at Nice ( just entered tonight) your gonna question your sanity along the way but lots of fun aheadimage

  • You will love the pirate party !!!!........more than the event image 

  • Excellent TB!  RBM, Jack and I are all in for Nice too!

    Looks like the 'Ship' will be well manned!  Weight loss, you say?  You and me both!  I've got a stone and a half to lose before Christmas!

  • So siggy you should be asleep at 11 o cl;ock at night ready for a 5 am sesion this morningimage


    Hi tmebikes....welcome..Not doing nice myself but IU'm sure it will be a great weekend away

  • Hi Seren nos

    You also from Gods Country i am guessing? Where?


  • Drove past my local pub last night all my mates outside stunned as i waved and drove past, went home jumped on the bikes did 1hr 35min ride  is this normal behaviour?? Really nevous since i pressed the enter button IM france..

  • south wales near caerphilly image

  • timebikes, welcome, you're going to have some fun.  Normal behaviour?  Overrated.

    I'm South Wales too, near Abergavenny.

  • I,m from Sunny Cardigan  west Wales nice to meet you all!image

  • Seren, unfortunately, I'm back on 'visiting Universities' again but with my youngest! Exeter (Falmouth) today and am currently sat outside the Uni test mine at Cambourne Waiting for him to finish his tour!

  • only got one or two to do..image

  • Aha!   Another lamb to the slaughter  I see image

  • I'm also relatively new but done one race in pirate colours

    The support is amazing. Good choice joining in

    Welcome fellow newbie- my fist full distance in Bolton next year. image


  • 1hr 35 bike Fri. 1.45 today no beer all weekend  I think I got the bug feeling on top of the world top it all sun is shining. image

  • Aaaaaaar

    Siggy, you need to shift more than that....

  • Welcome, look forward to seeing you in Nice, if not before image

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