I'm 7 weeks pregnant (1st time) and have been suffering from abdominal pain, rightsided for most of the last few weeks. I've had an early scan and saw a heartbeat, so an ectopic has been pretty well ruled out. Appendicitis and UTI have also been ruled out. I was wondering if the pain could be due to ligaments stretching. As I am pretty toned, is this a real possibility. Doctors can't see anything, so I have been left to get on with it. It's a bit scary as it's my first time at this. Any help/advice would be really appreciated.


  • Bloke alert!

    Susan, my ex-wife had something similar at about this time. Very strong pains and also some bleeding and expulsion of tissue-type matter (which you don't mention). It turned out to be an ectopic in addition to the normal uterine pregancy. She too had all the scans etc, but this was very difficult to diagnose because the uterine foetus's heartbeat drowned out that from the ectopic foetus. They eventually realised what was going on, when she was so pale it was clear she was bleeding internally, and heavily so. Emergency op saved her and the uterine foetus (healthy 10-year-old boy now).

    I don't want to alarm you unnecessarily, because this is apparently a very rare occurrence. But just thought I'd say, in case it's relevant.
  • Muttley,
    I did ask about this and was told there was a 1:50,000 chance of it happening, but like your wife proved, it does happen. So far I've had no bleeding, but if that changes, I'll be back to hospital in double quick time.
    Glad you had a happy outcome.
  • Can't offer any advice but hope everything is fine with you. Keep us posted?
  • I am not medical so cannot help with advice but I do hope things go well for you.
  • My wife is now 17 weeks Pregnant for the second time. She had pain with both the first and this one up until about 12 weeks. She also had bleeding. We were told afetr 3 scans on each baby that some women do have pains all through pregnancy this is due to the changes so don't be too alarmed at this stage. Basicly we were told to only come in if she was in bad pain IE doubled up and bleeding. And the main thing to do is rest IE do nothing which involves lifting, even plates if you can help it. Good luck..............Iain
  • thanks for those words of reassurance. It's good to hear I'm not alone. I have stopped doing everything at the moment, which isn't proving to be too difficult due to the tiredness and nausea. I have to say that the pain has subsided a bit, so more rest it is.
  • I am now 21 weeks pregnant and still running. I did have some abdominal discomfort at the beginning but not any bleeding fortunately. Some discomfort is classed as normal as your insides start growing and stretching.
    I think the best advise is to listen to your body. If it hurts don't do it. All the books advise about not getting a heart rate above 140bpm during exercise but thats near on impossible for me when I run. I have been told that I can continue to run just not to start any new vigorous exercises and my body will (apparently) tell me when I should stop.
    Good luck with your pregnancy and the running !
  • I had quite a lot of achey pains in the first 12 wks or so - which the gynae put down to stretching ligaments.
    I also had quite a lot of bleeding in both my pregnancies which they never found the cause of, but luckily I had 2 healthy babies. Yes - best advice is listen to your body and use your common sense.
    Best of luck.
  • Thanks everyone.
    Perhaps these pains are an unfortunate consequence of being fit! I'll keep you posted on my progress. As I can't train at the moment, perhaps some of you kind people can do a few extra miles for me!!
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