Building walls


1st ever brick workout today just to c wat they are all about. I did 22 mile in 1hr24 then a mile running........... Dammmm me legs were like jelly ha ha or well plenty more where that came from


  • yea i know the feeling, but for me once i got a few done and few events it become normal ish... Small step for the 1st few 100mts of the bike helps me. What events you training for?

  • Never done a tri but am gunna try an iron man next year ha ha no point doing things by half s eh ha, got a year to train so al get a few smaller ones in when they staryour again, are u a season pro?

  • No Chance,  i have done 2 years of Tri , Done a bit of Road Cycle racing, got injured 3 years ago only now starting the slow road back been back in taining last 3 weeks and injury free feels great, I have taken the plunge and enterd the I/Man France end of June so starting a 30 week training plan 2 December  just as xmas piss ups start great timing..  

  • Ano the feeling mate av just stopped the drink and tabs so its a long road till iron deter I will make my self do it, what traing plan u following is it one for a cetain  finish time

  • i am going to follow a plan from the book Ironfit by don fink had good reviews on here and a mate of mine followed it last year to do IM uk so i know it works.I am just aiming to finish alive not even looking at time.

  • The only brick sessions I've ever done so far have been the 2 triathlons I've actually entered. Planning on actually getting out for a proper brick session this afternoon, 16 miles around the local duathlon bike course including a couple of "nice" climbs, then change into my running shoes and do 2 miles.

  • Get out and do it durhambiker it can only help, where in Durham u from coz am from up that way and there are some good hills around my area

  • Live near Neville's Cross. Originally from Manchester but been in Durham for the past few years. And yep, there are some proper hills around!

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