Asics Nimbus 15 v NB W1080 v3

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some help in choosing some new trainers, and I am struggling to come to a final decision. Previously I have always gone with New Balance, mainly due to the fact their factory shop was near by and I haven't had a problem to date.

However, I have now started to look at Asics following a recommendation from my training partner, after my current trainers seem to have lost their bounce fairly quickly. I have narrowed my selection down to the nimbus 15 and the W1080v3, due to the fact that I need a neutral shoe with a good level of cushioning and a snug fit. But I am now stuck, after reading the reviews they have seem to have received similar scores but there is quite a difference in price (around £90 for the nimbus and £60 for W1080).

I run around 20-30 miles a week so will not be doing a particularly high mileage, and was wondering if anyone could provide any help/clarity on which one is the best value for money and point out what makes the nimbus worth the extra £s (if it is).

Any advice would be much appreciated image

Thank you in advance,




  • Hi Storm,

    I've got the nimbus 15. I absolutely love them. My feet are a bit sensitive so I like the extra cushioning. I have to wear orthotics and so I need a neutral shoe like the nimbus. I haven't tried the W1080v3, though, so I can't make a comparison.

    My best advice is to try them both on, preferably at the same time and somewhere that can look at your gait whilst you're trying them if possible.

    Good luck

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    I've used Nimbus's for a few years now and never had a problem. I have tried other shoes and alwasy go back the Nimbus's. But it will be down to personal prefence of course, your feet might be very different to mine. I keep hoping to find a cheaper shoe that I like!

  • Asics have always worked well for me, but all feet are different.

    Go somewhere they can check them both out for you - I get the fittings checked every other pair I buy just to make sure no major changes.

  • I'm an asics fan, but frankly if you have a shoe that fits, without any problems, i think stick with it if it's not broke. 

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