Becoming a pirate


I recently did Ironman Wales and completed in 14 hours. I am competing again next year as well as doing Outlaw.

During the IM Wales course saw the eye catching Pirate suits and heard the support the Pirates give. I suffered with a knee injury on the bike and one pirate was kind enough to wish me luck and another saw me twice to double check I was still going strong on the run.

How do I join your group of merry men (and women)?




  • You just have image  just start posting on here on threads that take your interest you will soon get used to people and the " characters" on here if you want some pirate kit I think you have just missed the boat for this years order but lots of people havecspare on here they are willing to lend /sell and if you are thinking of IM for 2014 how about joining the trip to IM Nice Welcomeimage

  • ... oh and sleep with Barlos (allegedly)**

    **I hasten to add this was added to the constitution a year after I joined

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    How do I join your group of merry men (and women)?

    Not again!, dive for cover.

  • Hollie, I was one of the pirates that spoke to you as we were soaking wet going up yet another hill.  Just join in the fun on here and as Max said i'm sure there will be some kit you can borrow. If I remember correct there are several pirates local to you.

    (warning folks, she's good on the bike) image

  • Burn the witch    image

  • get yourself a better pirate name for starters

    Welcome aboard

  • Hi...I did Wales but was a bit slower than you and loved it............I also did outlaw which was much much flatter........

    I'm doing Outlaw again next year.......image

  • The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

    get yourself a better pirate name for starters

    Welcome aboard

    I thought Holy Cradduck was a pirate nameimage

  • Welcome Hollie.

    I'm a bit confused though Foo.  Was she a lap ahead of you or something when you overtook? Only if you say she's good on a bike and you overtook her .... ,  image (Yes, I know, Hello kettle!)

    Seriously Hollie, you need a decent Pirate name!  I'm sure we can come up with something very quickly if you can't! But, you may not appreciate it much!!

  • Yeah, 'cos the last person who did that ended up with the name.....Gladys. And she's a man!

  • I think Meface had it done to him too

  • Yep, I did it to him but he did ask for it


  • Have we scared her off?

  • Shall we just rechristen her while she is away ??   I am sure she wont mind ...

  • So who's going to start?

  • How about Fanny?  

    No, not for that reason!  You lot have some dirty minds!  Honestly!  image  

    As in 'Fanny Cradock' that well known former TV cook of course and their last names are similar!!  image 

  • How about Crollie Haddock? It worked for Candy Ollier...

  • Love it !!!

    Crollie Faddock  image

  • Crollie, sorry Holly 

    Kona? are

  • you could pretend you are the real Fanny Cradock and get a celebrity spot at Kona...

    just Wikipedia'd her - unless she resurrects she's not going to notice someone's pretending to be her image. Let's just keep it our little secret image

  • If you sre gonna be a Fanny you got to have a Johnny image

  • Probably as old as Meldy...which is real old.

  • Fanny's dead now! 

  • Fanny was from that special frosty dont feck with me ill rip yer balls of type of gal , probably mentored Meldyimage

  • I taught her everything she knows

  • I still laugh at the famous bit when they take the cakes out of the oven and Johnny says " I hope all your cakes turn out like fannies" but then I am a child image


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