I ran my first 10k today, which was also the first time I had ever got past 7k, so I took two immodium a couple of hours beforehand, because the instructions don't actually say "if you are taking this to stop you s****ing yourself in a race" so I didn't know when to take it.  I did manage to get past the finish and have my banana and drink before I had to make a fairly dignified exit to the toilets.  Still staggering back and forth to the bathroom an hour and a half later though...

When is the optimum time to take it, or should I go and see a doctor?  Because there's also blood... (sorry)


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Well I took immodium until I found it simply blocked the absorbsion of fluids which did me no favours in a hot half marathon.

    Blood in the stools! Fucks sake, go see a Doctor.


  • i never take immodium for a race.....why did you out of you normally have problems with toilet stops during your training runs.....

    after a hard race i often need to go to the toilet fairly quickly because it seems that when the adrenaline flowing through the race sems the blood is not longer needed ny my leg muscles and is sent back to the stomach / intestines to do its job

  • I second what Ric says - but you should only need one, not two, that might be your problem.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Opposite for me. I found under extreme race conditions my guts would 'let go'. Most annoying, especially on one occasion when during a 10 mile race I went through 5 miles in 26:xx minutes only to forced into a couple of stops. Ended up with a pb of 55:29 which will never be beatenimage

  • Mad4Morris, definitely see a doctor if you have blood there.

    Runner's trots, pain in the proverbial.  There is not even a definite answer, medically, as to why it happens either image

  • RicF wrote (see)

    Blood in the stools! Fucks sake, go see a Doctor.


    What he said. Shitting blood is definitely something you should see a doctor about.

    Obvious question would be how much blood, and what colour? History will also be important - is this the first time you've noticed blood, does it only happen when you run, do you usually get the shits when you run, is this the first time you've taken immodium? Might be useful to make a few notes beforehand.

  • I took it because I had had problems getting past 7k (and often quite a bit less) without having to head home and only just get there in time.  It was the first time I had taken it, but not the first time there was blood, and yes it (the trots at least) pretty much only happens when triggered by running.   Sooo... if I gave up running would probably solve the problem.  I'm sure if it was cancer I would be having far more serious symptoms by now!

  • You could be allergic to something in Imodium which is causing the bleeding but you could probably be prescribed something else.

    You should still see a doctor though - for both reasons. I certainly don't know anyone else this has happened to.

  • mad morris...don't be fooled into thinking that you would have far more serious symptons....

    My friend only coughed up blood once.she was fit and active before it......was made to go to the doctors by her hubby...........but even then it was too late and it had spread and she died at 34.....leaving 2 young children behind......

    if its nothing let the doctor decide that...

  • I agree with Seren, get to the doctor.
    The blood is a sign of something not right, even if it is just a minor problem like piles, get it sorted then you can start enjoying running again.

  • After my first half I was ill for days and was also passing blood. I didn't go to the doctor though but i don't think I suffered any lasting damage. I've never found Imodium to be effective on its own, I really need to watch my diet and keep my fibre intake really low for a couple if days before a race. I did take Imodium as well for a marathon I ran recently to be on the safe side. I drank a cup of coffee first thing to make sure I "went" then took 2 Imodium half an hour before the marathon started and I didn't have a single issue but I do think it's more to do with diet as I've tried just taking Imodium on its own and still suffered.
  • I have had runner's trot since I can remember... I went to my doctor about it as she suggested taking an imodium before hand and so far this tends to work but it's not fool proof! I find that it's entirely dependable on circumstance i.e what i've eaten, drank etc and how stressed/anxious i'm feeling on the day. There are other drugs you can be perscribed if imodium isn't working or if you are reacting to it but obviously i'm gonna go along with everyone else and say go to your docs!

    I've never had blood but getting diarrhea after a run is a pretty normal thing for me and i've just put it down to my weird body.... I ran a half yesterday and barely had any problems but a short 4 miler the other day left me in agony! 

  • Unless you were on a diet of beetroot image

  • The doctor is not too worried because it is only after running.  But sending me for investigations just to make sure - ooh fun!  I am nearly on a full house of embarrassing bits of me to be investigated...

  • Ohhh you will enjoy the investigation... image

  • Dude TMI!!


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