Inskip Half marathon 2014



  • Enjoyed this, really good, thanks very much see you next year or maybe at your other race if I’ve recovered from Manchester Mara.

    Super quick course, great weather, friendly marshals, water in bottles. 30 sec off a pb drat!!!

  • Alan, thanks for putting on a great race, fast course, great marshals, top goody bag & 2 portions of hot pot!!

    massive pb for me too, see you next year image


  • Alan, another top day.  Thanks to you and the marshals, where will the results be please. imageimageimage

  • Alan, another top day.  Thanks to you and the marshals, where will the results be please. imageimageimage

  • Alan, thanks to you and all involved for a great day.Really enjoyed it.image

  • Many thanks I'm glad you all had a great time. Please could you go on the runners world events and rate it for me and hope to see some of you at the valiants Half on April 19th even quicker course Cheers Alan T.
  • Just a bit confused would you say ??14 to ??16 was good value for what you got today Compared to some where you pay ??20+ and get cups at water stations and a medal at the end.
  • Excellent event Alan - very well organised, excellent hotpot, brilliant gifts especially the chocolate!!
  • Good race mate, well marshalled And nice to have a course without a "killer hill!". Took me longer to get running in the crowd than it did in the London marathon thoughimage

  • Kevin - you do realize the start was actually on the road and not under the start arch. I know this confused many runners as you couldn't here that we would be walked/jogged to the start unless in the first 5 rows!!!

  • Hi Alan

    100% score given on event rater and will be back next year for fourth race in a row! Only constructive feedback is regarding the start. I can fully understand why you had everyone meet and walked/jogged runners round to the start as it was definitely safer than previous years. However, when you announced this at the start you couldn't be heard by the vast majority of runners. I was about 10 rows back and only picked up what was going on from runners in front. Behind runners thought it was slow and congested start with a good few trying to barge past. I did try and pass on that the start was on the road but not sure how effective this was.

    This though doesn't out way what an amazing job you and your team do putting on this race and the price you charge is amazing value. Prior to the first running of this race I remember you saying this would be a race organised by a runner for runners. Well having done it all 3 years I can only say, mission accomplished. Cheers Maxpower

  • Maxpower. I knew the start wasn't under the blue arch but only because we were walking, think I recall a small sign on the left saying start?. Took me a while to get going though that's for sure. I'm not being picky though. It was a good race and well organised and would definitely come back next year.

  •  I enjoyed it. Any pics yet?

    Max - what sort of time did you get?

  • 1:41 and change. Had some stomach issues on Saturday and Sunday morning so was happy that managed to run and though no energy last 4 miles I managed to dig in.

    Minute slower than Catforth half a couple of weeks ago but still 3rd best time at half marathon and best at Inskip so pretty pleased.

    How did you get on? I assume it was your gang we passed in Elswick. If it was hats off to them cause it was pretty cold round there.

  • Yes, it was. My in-laws, OH and daughters were by the playground! (Thanks all for the advice!). I did 1.39.40 which I was happy with as not done a great deal since last marathon in September. I did 1.39.5# last couple of times doing Catforth! Sounds like a good effort Max.

  • Think maybe I should let you pace me in both races next year. PB is 1:39:52 and would be great to dip under that image

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Great event yesterday, even if I did have to walk for a bit just after the 12 mile mark. I really enjoyed the route and the hot pot at the end was just what I needed! I think I've also been converted to Aldi chocolate!! image

    Where would I find the event photos?

  • £14-16 is more than good value Alan for all we got at the race yesterday. I think it's incredibly cheap. I felt we were all looked after really well. Everything we could have wished for and more as runners was provided. Well done and feedback reflecting this left on Runner's World. Hope to see you in April at your next Half.

  • I have had a few emails from people today saying the race did not have a uka permit but that is not so. The permit number is 2014-11173 so hope they will be on the power of ten and uk rankings soon.
  • Thanks Alan for an enjoyable and well organised race. This was my first half marathon and managed 1:42 including a negative split which I can't believe I did. See you next January. 

  • Enjoyed the race got a PB too, but like a few runners i found the start and finish confusing. I suggest keeping that banner down until the race has started and maybe some tape to guide runners towards to left, for the finish line. As I saw a few runners almost missed the finish and a few other runners walking around unsure if they had finished or not, stopping at the car park entrance rather than continuing to the finish banner. Do, please change this for next year.


  • Pics are on here :-

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    I must not be very photogenic as there isn't one photo of me on that site. I know I got snapped at least twiceimage


  • Was the photographer wearing a pink bib? (She was @ 2k & just b4 13 mile marker)

  • Nandy

    If u want us to have a look 4 u, let me know finishing time,vest colour, number & who were near.

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭
    Yes, I remember seeing her at the 13 mile mark. The other photographer was a guy. Probably around the 8mile mark. There was a barking dog there too haha.

    Yeah if you don't mind Martin, cheers! Finishing time was 1:50imageomething. I had an illuminous yellow tshirt and bib number 97. I don't know who was near sorry.

    No issue if there isn't one, I'd just like to put it on my Facebook and show the people sponsoring me for the London marathon that I am doing some kind of training towards it haha.
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