Finally I can say I've done a Half Marathon


I completed the Redcar and Cleveland HM today in a time of 1:57:15. I had hoped for a sub 2 finish so I am pretty pleased with myself.

As you may know from my previous posts I was a bit unsure about organised races but after today I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was worried that I may have been out of my depth amongst bona fide club runners but everyone seemed to just run their own race and let others get on with theirs.

I know my time isn't going to trouble too many folks on here but now I have a starting point to improve upon, I reckon this may start to become addictive.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to enter an official race and thanks to the organisers of the Redcar HM for a great day.



P.S. Sonia,my wife, has just read my post before I submitted it and pointed out that I neglected to mention her stalwart support and encouragement without which I would never have managed to complete the run, thanks Sonia image


  • Good for you Pete ........ one can only assume youve already put your name down for the next one then?


  • Well done Peter image

  • Congratulations Peter, run my first last week, was not sure if I would complete but thoroughly enjoyed it and now looking to full marathon next year. Went for my first run after the HM yesterday and knee is really hurting so will rest for another week before getting out again.

    Do you have plans for full marathon?

  • Not quite yet , but I'm gonna have a browse in the events section soon, any recommendations?



  • Cheers Mike hope the knee gets better soon, I think I'll get a couple more HM's under my belt then look to move up to a full.

    Thankfully I'm not in any pain but will leave it for a day or two before I get back out on the roads.

  • yay well done Peter!!!!  Good time too, you well surpassed your goal for this one!!!

    My first one is n 20th October, I is scared lol


  • Well done Peter and its definately a good idea to do a few halfs before going for a full marathon as its a huge stepup , just think about doing the same again when you crossed the finish on exhausted legs image

  • Well done. Good time. Similar time to my standard. It is addictive because if it goes well you think, maybe I could have gone quicker and if not you want to put it right. No doubt, like anything you can have a bad day sometimes, so there is that pressure on race day, but then that's part of the challenge. Got to enjoy it though.

  • Peter, not an expert with one HM behind me so not able to make a personal recommendation, next race HM will be Brentwood HM, have had it recommended to me. My first HM was meant to be Run To The Beat, thankfully due to family reasons had to miss it which in hindsight was a blessing as it appears it was an organisational nightmare. My full back plan was the Ipswich HM which as stated above was excellent, if a bit hilly!

    1. Well done !!! 
  • well done Peter, and you're right, it is addictive. i ran my first half marathon ever in may 2006..... the other weekend completed my first ever Ultra (Ladybower 50) and already looking forward to doing another one image

  • Peter - do not know where you live, I assume it is the NE.

    I can recommend the Loftus Poultry run in December, details here (not quite as flat as Redcar but "only" 8 miles)

  • Hi Roball,

    yeah I live in County Durham, the poultry run looks like it could be good, might try and persuade my mate to have a crack as well.





  • Well done Peter (and Sonia)!

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    well done peter

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