Stubbington 10KM

Just paid my entry today! Verification in 2 or so weeks..

Looked at the entry lost so far and there's a good few runners predicting 30-34 minutes .. Anyone in? Anyone ran before? What's the course like? 

I'm hoping for sub 35 .. Long shot but have ran 16:50 5km 

Pain is weakness leaving the body


  • I have just joined up myself.

    This is the first time I have heard of it. With no offence intended, I am surprised that it attracts so many entrants given Stubbington is a small place. I suppose the same could be said for the Gosport Half too.

  • Nice, Heard of it a ages ago and someone mentioned I should give it a go...Not sure why it could be popular. Hopefully a good course with good organisation image 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Very popular race as its part of the Hampshire road race league, mostly flat with one incline as you go into titchield village, nice views too. Good organisation and parking no problem.

    and the mugs handy!

    i normally do romsey 5 mile which is 2 weeks after this one

  • Romsey 5 would interest me as well! Will have to look into that image 

    thanks for feedback 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Romsey 5 Is run by concept sport just google website, it is laps round broad lands estate but I don't mind laps, plus if you have people with you then they get to see you lots!  They also run winchester 10k in feb too, done that before has a few hills!

  • Cheer Zoe - looked at the Romsey 5 last night and may enter it- I'll see how my 10km at stubbington goes before entering another one.. Although I should go for Eastleigh if I can 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Is that your first race?

    at romsey it is more non club runners I feel, I don't belong to a club but having lots of club runners around does not bother me, I am more fascinated by people's different running styles!

    i have run Eastleigh once, ran exbury gardens a few times which is good and your race number gets you into the gardens for free afterwards that's in march

  • will be my first race for a good 3-4 years.. 2nd ever road race - have done some track and XC though 

    not bad getting into the gardens after exbury though .. 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Bumping up the thread! 

    Just a little over a week to go! Seems to be a fair few people running from here! 

    Field getting strong up top - 

    95% - I unfortunately wont be running now due to illness 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I'm running it. Don't know why I've never entered it before, as I used to live not far away.

  • Sorry to hear of your illness recently Scott and a huge shame you aren't running! But you will be back soon as strong as ever I'm sure! 

    There are about 50/over 50? from my club running this as it's local!

    Indeed, there is that incline as you pass through Titchfield village but it's early on. (3k in?) and another shorter sharper climb at about 7 or so km as you pass through Hill Head. That's the trickier one in some ways as you are tiring by this point! There is a pretty fast first mile or so as well before entering Titchfield with some nice downhill stretches....will be careful to hold it back a little this year though as it hurt too much after 5km! always a decent race though and looking forward to it as my first one this year. 

  • WJH, thanks for the info on the route. I believe the entry is 1,800 which is a heck of a lot of runners. I won't be able to collect my number on the Saturday, so will have to arrive very early on Sunday to park and register. What is your club? I'm with Hardley Running club and we have a few entrants. 

  • Big contingent from Pompey Joggers going... I see that have starting pens ..I haven't run it for a few years and I recall the start last time being very tricky as it is narrow.

    Have  a good run folks....well as long as you dont beat too many of my club :-]



  • Any results in?
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • No probs Terence, how did you find it today? i run for Gosport and there were a load of us there today with it being the nearest local race.

    Nothing official yet Scott..again, shame you weren't able to run today with the conditions being near perfect. 

    I stopped the Garmin on about 40:32, decent start but a lack of tempo efforts and recent racing, long run Thursday (18 miles) which has left me tired since may not have been the best prep...faded after 5k as half expected as a result of any one of those factors but at least its a marker down for the year and a minute faster just about than last year for this course. 

    Didn't see the pens gambs but the start didn't seem too congested, but maybe it depended on where you started? 

    Tommo, the flooding wasn't too bad really. Decided to just run through the flooded road rather than path along Bridge Street what with so many others running on the path beside which was quite congested. A bit of water doesn't hurt I suppose!

    Hope you all had good races today. 

  • I know! Went on a walk with my daughter around 10:30 as was looking out over to Portsmouth way and was lovely!

    Seen on twitter lordshill got some results up so I've seen them!

    Shame didn't get the race you wanted but pleasing to be quicker- as you said marker for the year and if you feel you can produce more thats great!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • PB Is over a min and a half quicker so I hope so! Chichester next up in a few weeks so will see how that goes. Marathon training is the priority ATM, but want to build towards another 10k PB at Eastleigh! all in all, pretty much what I expected today but even with a slower 2nd 5k today, it's best to be realistic rather than disappointed. image

  • I enjoyed today, last year It snowed! 

    Think the neck warmer was a really nice idea and very practical, 

    romsey for me next week

  • WJH - very similar race to you...40.18  started too fast and forgot that it is actually a bit lumpy 1st you trying to get marathon training in and was bit stiff from 13 on friday on top of a savage speed session in the week.

    Started seemed less chaotic than has been - no sign of pens as you say - sure I read that somewhere.

    As always a great event ..and great weather.


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