Good morning Pirates

Hello Pirates


I have been looking at the forum and like what the Pirates stand for, I have entered my first tri at sprint distance, coming from being a swimmer and not really a cyclist or runner this will be hard enough for now although there are long term targets (once some weight has gone)  If anyone has any advice it will all be appreciated


Looking forward to hear from you 


  • Welcome Dilly .. when is this tri?

    if this is next year then have a look round at some training plans, get familiar with what they reccommend, get out on the bike and enjoy it, start off with some nice easy running and maintain the swimming
    If you can, get along to watch one or two tri's so you can see what happens

    Enjoy it, its fun !

  • Its May so have plenty of time but got the Bath Half first thought that would push me to run (the part I dislike most) but getting in to it slowly just finding improvment hard. Have to say im really looking forward to it.



  • Improvement is usually quite slow and especially in the early days and thats exactly how it should be   image

  • I've just done my first season of triathlons, the biggest bit of advice i could give is to make sure you give yourself enough rest in your training schedule.... something i overlooked. I got too into pushing myself so hard that i forgot to give my body time to rest and then ended up with injuries etc (also boredom of training sometimes!). I know do 3 weeks hard training then have a 'rest' week where i ease everything off and do plenty of stretching and it really helped

  • Follow this link for a Pirate guide to sprints:

  • Ay up Dilly Welcome to the madhouse. If it's any help over winter while there is snow and stuff on the ground you might find some spinning session's at your local gym useful. What's the tri chuck bet you can find some other folks doing it that can give you some local knowalge. In case you havn't seen it this might be useful. link

  • Cheers guys

    Just had a good 5k run slow by others standards but a PB for me

    Here is to more sessions like that

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