FB is back

After 9 months of injury hell and once again finding the desire to run again Fat Bloke is back. He is a little fatter and a lot slower, hopefully that will change.

My how this forum lark has evolved since last time i was here. Signed up with UFRC. Look forward to passing the time of day with you guys.


  • FB
    Welcome to the new look madness.
  • Well done Fat Bloke.i'm currently in the same boat' looking at months before i can run again.I hope everything goes okay for you!
  • Welcome back FB. You'll be needing a picture then?
  • Welcome back
    Same madness - prettier page layout but no edit facility so even more rubbbbbish than before
  • Welcome Back Fat Bloke

    Hope you've resigned from your job because these Forums are now a full time job in themselves.

    Don't get back into running too quickly - don't want you injured again!

    Oh yes, be very careful when posting that lack of an edit facitliy can really be fatla !
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