Congleton Quarter Marathon 2013

This is my first organised run that a friend persuaded me to enter... feeling a bit nervous!

 One problem is that I don't drive and getting there is going to be a problem. Is anyone travelling from Liverpool or Manchester, or I could even go to Macclesfield train station if someone can pick me up from there?




  • Can't your friend collect you ? They persuaded you to enter after all ?
  • He doesn't have a car either unfortunatley!

  • Maybe enter a race that you can get to then ?image

    Are there any running clubs near you ? Maybe they're organising a car or two to go ?

    I think the big race this weekend is Chester Marathon though so plenty of people will be there instead. Good luck !
  • AJ I would try your local running club and see if they have a van or a car share if any good. Failing that b&b?

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